Amazon to replace broken Kindles free of charge

Seattle (WA) – Reacting to a lawsuit widely reported on yesterday, Amazon now says that it will generously replace Kindles with broken screens for free. Until yesterday, the company asked customers, whose Kindle screens had been cracked by a protective cover Amazon sells, for a $200 fee.

A $5 million lawsuit may have returned some common sense to Amazon’s customer service department. The company told the Seattle Times that it has dropped a $200 replacement fee for Kindle 2 and DX devices, which were damaged by a $30 “protective” cover the company offers as an accessory for its reader products.

The $200 fee prompted a Seattle couple to files suit against the company. They were told that only money would buy a replacement unit and their old Kindle may be repaired and end up being sold as a refurbished unit. Now, a spokesperson told the Seattle Times that the company does “not comment on active litigation. Nevertheless, we encourage anyone who has an issue with the cover-attachment mechanism to return the cover and device for a free replacement so we can investigate further.”

Seems the suit against Amazon has served its purpose.

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