Amazon signs streaming pact with 20th Century Fox

Your favorite Fox TV shows along with a wide library of 20th Century Fox feature films are coming to Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Prime Instant Video is Amazon’s answer to Netflix’s wildly successful subscription-based streaming platform, allowing users to watch as many movies and TV shows as they want as long as they remain an active subscriber. The studio also chose Mrs. Doubtfire and Office Space as two of the featured movies available.

In all, more than 2000 TV shows and movies are now a part of the Prime Instant Video collection.

The online retailer is still a nascent player in the market, but just scored a huge deal with 20th Century Fox, bringing shows like 24, Arrested Development, The Wonder Years, and The X-Files to the service.

Amazon has failed to gain significant traction against Netflix, largely because its subscription model requires customers to pay for an entire year up front, imposing a frightening price tag on users even though it ends up being in line with Netflix’s monthly subscription prices.

Of course, Amazon also offers a lot more with its Prime membership, including free 2-day shipping on all Amazon-fulfilled orders.

Additionally, unlike Netflix, Amazon also offers pay-per-view streaming content, allowing users to “buy” or “rent” a specific movie or TV show episode without needing to pay a subscription fee. Amazon’s pay-per-view Instant Video service also contains many titles that are not available on Netflix.