Amazon acquires iPhone ebook reader maker

Chicago (IL) – Lexcycle, which recently made waves with a free ebook reader application for the iPhone and iPod touch, today said that it has been acquired by snapped up one of the most popular applications from the Apple App Store, the ebook reader software Stanza. Developed by Lexcycle, the software enables users to choose from more than 100,000 different books and periodicals, which include classics such as the Sorrows of young Werther. Users can also display Word and PDF documents and transfer existing ebooks to the iPhone/iPod via a desktop application that is available for PC and Mac.

“We are not planning any changes in the Stanza application or user experience as a result of the acquisition,” Lexcycle wrote in a blog post. “Customers will still be able to browse, buy, and read ebooks from our many content partners. We look forward to offering future products and services that we hope will resonate with our passionate readers.” did not release any information how it plans to integrate the software into its product family.