Advice for Buying your First Car

If you’ve just passed your driving test, you’ll probably be itching to get on the roads and enjoy your first tastes of freedom as an independent driver. Before you can do this though, you’ll probably need to purchase your first car, but before you just buy the first vehicle you see, there are several things you need to think about.

The Cost of the Car

To start with the obvious, the cost of the car is arguably the biggest hurdle to overcome. Naturally, this is dependent on your financial situation but a great way to keep these expenses down is to head to the used markets. With this though, it makes sense to choose an established seller with a bigger and better choice of cars, such as AA Cars for instance.

The Safety of the Car

When choosing a car, safety is hugely important whether this is your first car or your tenth! As such, you should look at the Euro NCAP safety ratings as well as other online reviews to ensure you and your passengers are securely protected.

Insurance Costs

As a new driver you won’t have any ‘no claims’ and if you’re 17-25 your premiums can be quite high. This is also dependent on the size, capacity and age of the car you choose too, so make sure you get some initial quotes before you buy a vehicle.

Road Tax

As well as insurance, you should also look at the road tax of the vehicle. In short, the higher the C02 emissions the higher the road tax band; typically, smaller engine cars, or electric and hybrid cars will be free to tax.

Depreciation in Value

The chances are you’ll one day look to sell or upgrade from your first car, so it’s also worth looking at how much your vehicle may depreciate in value. This could also be an incentive to take better care of your new car, to reduce a drop in value.

Vehicle History

The seller should have all the vehicle history available to you as well, which is something you need to review before you buy the car. This is to confirm no suspicious repairs have been carried out, or that there aren’t underlying issues that could later cause you problems.

Follow this advice and soon you’ll be out on the roads in a vehicle that fits your circumstances as a new driver and that is also kinder on your finances. Then, all there is left to do is enjoy your independence as a newly qualified driver.