Why use custom lapel pins for your event?

Hosting an event is a great way of showcasing your products and services. It is a great way of creating a deeper awareness of your brands. As a way of appreciating people’s coming, event hosts give freebies. Giving freebies during an event has become a norm nowadays. They act as great promotional materials. Freebies often come in form of pens, notebooks, calendars, wristbands, etc. something that shows the name of a company and its tagline. Lapel pins are slowly coming back as a great souvenir item. Below are some of the major reasons why you should consider using lapel pins for your events.

Lapel pins are affordable.

In organizing an event, the cost is one of the most important things to consider. You want to cut across between having a stylish successful event at the lowest budget possible. Using lapel pins is a great way of offering freebies at an affordable cost. Depending on the process of manufacturing, you can customize the lapel pins without so much struggle on costs. You can get best-priced custom lapel pins if you order your pins in bulk. Depending on your needs, you can go for hard enamel, soft enamel pins or die-struck lapel pins. The last one is the best choice as it has high detailed artwork and they are easy to customize.

They are easy to carry.

As such as freebies are a great way of appreciating your guests but for some gifts, they may be quite bulky to fit in a bag. As for the lapel pins, your guests will not have to worry about portability as they can fit in their bags or pin them to their clothes or other accessories. By doing so, your brand will be seen by more people seeing the pin on the clothes and accessories.

Lapel pins make a greater statement than other event gifts.

As much as lapel pins are small, they add a very big impact to a simple ensemble. For instance, pinning a lapel on your cap representing the event makes it stand out from the rest of the plain caps. These lapel pins show lots of support for the event. They are easy to pin onto clothe accessories due to their small size and can be worn in any kind of occasion thus exposing your brand to other venues.

Whether you are starting up your business or you are already established, using lapel pins greatly boosts business.

Lapel pins are stylish to fit the business event goals.

Lapel pins can be worn by any person attending an event as all it needs is to pin them to your clothes. They do not choose formal or casual clothes as they can fit any clothing style. Depending on the theme of your event, you only need to choose the lapel pins colors that will be noticeable from distance. This is a sure way that people from distance can distinguish an ongoing specific event from other meetings. Using a lapel pin on your clothes may be actually more interesting with the addition of a fun, quirky pin.

They are collectible freebies.

Trading lapel pins can be an interesting hobby and due to the high number of pin designs available across the globe, it is easy to collect a preferred design. It can be quite hard to tell when a lapel pin collector is in your event. In the long run, the lapel pins of your company may become some of the high-valued collector’s item someday.

If you are looking to organize an event and give freebies, lapel pins should be your first priority as a way of boosting your brand.

Image Credit: Gs-jj.com