7 Tips to Make Your Content Viral in 2018

To create content that goes viral is the dream of any passionate content marketer and business owner. One piece of content has the potential of generating serious traffic and consequently revenue. However, the internet is dynamic, and this makes it challenging to predict the kind of content that will receive virality. People who would like their article to be shared on various social media platforms should strongly consider the 7 tips that are shared below and There are several things that content marketers and business owners can do for viral promotion:

Invoke emotional response

It is highly likely for people to share an article that invokes emotional response regardless of the type compared to those that provide mere facts. Most of the articles that are frequently shared are usually touching, worrying or humorous in some way.

Lists go viral

People cherish lists; this means they would get shared more regardless of the topic. This is probably because list formats subdivide articles into manageable sections. It could also be because people love rankings, organization and structure. Endeavor to have a list structure for your article if you want it to go viral in 2018. However, remember to provide it with a title so that people know that it is a list.


It’s difficult to create something original especially with the way numerous content creators are always at work. Nonetheless, it is good to try and come up with something that has not received too much publicity. The best approach to this is by staying ahead of recent news and trends so that you share it first.

Well-written content

Content topic does not really matter but it has to be well-written for it to go viral. It must be enjoyable and engaging to read for it to be worth sharing. You can hire someone to do it for you in case you do not feel competent enough. There freelancer sites that can help with this.


Many content creators are usually scared by controversy but what they fail to understand is that there is no bad publicity. Controversial topics are a favorite for many but just ensure that it does not insult or anger the target audience, or it loses its purpose.


It does not mean that just because you are writing content that you cannot utilize visual content in conveying the message. These may be in form of imbedded video, infographics and images.

Influencer marketing

Many a times, it is the person that shares an article that makes it go viral rather than the content. Just one share from an influencer can access a multitude of followers and this can boost an article into virality.

The tips above are not exhaustive as there are many more that they should help you to make your content viral in 2018.


Creating viral content does not have a specific science to it but there are some insightful tips that are very effective such as the ones listed above. Try the tips today and watch your article go viral in no time.