Simple Tips to Enhance Your Instagram Strategy

Instagram has now over 500 million users who are going through their feeds, liking and commenting on different posts on a regular basis. More and more consumers are also interacting with their desired brands on this social media platform. There is an unbelievable amount of engagement happening on Instagram.

This has created the need to have strong social media presence that can help businesses better connect with their audiences and grow brand awareness more effectively. Many profiles tend to buy Instagram likes and followers but here are some simple tips to enhance the overall strategy.

Video experiment

Several studies have proved that videos tend to get more engagement than photos on Instagram. Even though photos on average gets more likes, but videos tend to generate more comments, which is the most essential component of engagement.

Instagram has found that video watch time has increase by 40 percent in a six month period only. At this rate of growth, it can be pretty much beneficial to conduct different experiments with videos and generate more engagement.

Instagram stories

Surveys have showed that still not all users are making the most out of Instagram stories. This provides an opportunity to stand out before it gets too crowded. Instagram stories help the users to stay on top of followers’ feed and be more attractive. If the followers view the stories on regular basis, it could even help your daily posts rank better.

Spend time to create innovative stories and share something of value to your followers in order to maintain better customer loyalty.

Go live on Instagram

Going live on Instagram means appearing right at the front of Stories feed. The live logo also makes your profile more prominent, hence more visible. It has been proved through surveys and studies that more a profile goes live on Instagram, more their non-live content receives exposure. It is an ideal way to share some content in real time and get as much engagement as possible. Even the celebrities are now leveraging this facility on Instagram.

Post less but post quality

This is the most basic rule of Instagram. There is no need to flood your Instagram profile with content that doesn’t exhibit quality. People like to follow profiles that have something valuable to offer. Make sure you post less but post something of quality on the right time. Quality content is of relevance and has a higher chance of obtain a response from your followers.

Be a great Instagram user

Even though this point may be unclear, but is a summary of all the points listed above. Social media platforms encourage engagement and connects the audiences of different world in a better manner. Being a good Instagram user would help you to generate more engagement. This can be done by posting relevant quality content, answering questions on the posts on time, having a grateful attitude towards the people commenting on your posts and exploring the profiles of other people.