Misconceptions About Vehicle-Wrap Advertising Debunked

Vehicle wraps are an increasingly effective outdoor advertising strategy that many companies leverage to get their brands out. Car and truck wraps have not only helped market products and events to a large audience within the shortest possible time, but have also instilled many brand names in society.

With the advent of digital forms of advertising, however, a lot of advertising agencies, companies, and individuals are caught up in the digital rollercoaster, with many now holding a lot of misconceptions about vehicle wraps. If we all want to enjoy the fruits that this form of advertising brings to our brands, we need to debunk these misconceptions and this article does just that.

Vehicle wrap advertising doesn’t get far

This is a popular misconception kept, especially by companies and brands who are kept in the digital frenzy and have forgotten the impact of car and truck wraps. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), a single vehicle wrap advertisement could potentially reach 30,000 to 80,000 views a day. Roads have equally become busy, and the Federal Highway Administration forecasts that there is an increase in the amount of time individuals spend on the road.

These developments strengthen the importance of relevant advertising – helping brands who leverage car and truck advertising to be with telecommuters all the time and converting them into long-term customers. This misconception that vehicle wrap doesn’t go far, is thus, inaccurate.

Vehicle wraps are only for large companies with vehicle fleets

Many brands hold the misconception that the only entities that could engage in vehicle wraps are big brands with a fleet of cars, which is totally unacceptable. Vehicle wraps are an excellent advertising strategy that any brand or company or individual, be it big or small, should leverage to reach a large number of people. For small companies, using vehicle wrap advertising puts them on the same competitive level as many other big companies that are using the same advertisement strategy.

Vehicle wraps are expensive and have low impressions

Car and truck wraps offer affordable advertising for any brand and provide impressions that outweigh many ad systems, making this assertion erroneous. When the different advertising methods are considered based on their cost, vehicle wraps always come out as cost-effective. Traditional forms of advertising, including TV, Radio, and Newspapers always carry huge costs. In terms of cost per impression, vehicle wrap advertising is equally effective and better than traditional advertising strategies. And though different vehicle adverts forms exist depending on the company, on a larger scale, this form of advertising always provides better impressions at lower costs compared to other forms of advertising.

Wrapping up

Apart from the misconceptions outlined in this article, there are other myths concerning car and truck wraps that should not be taken seriously. Misconceptions such as ‘vehicle wraps spoil car and truck paints’, ‘vehicle wraps are difficult to remove’, and ‘vehicle wraps are unsafe for car and truck windows’ should not be considered.

For companies that want to leverage the power of wrapping advertisement pieces on cars and trucks, there is no better time than to start right now.