How Can Businesses Benefit from Sticker Marketing?

Stickers have long been used to achieve various business objectives, from helping politicians get elected to establishing brands. They are a critical tool for helping businesses gain exposure. They are an effective low-cost marketing solution.

If you’re thinking of creating your own stickers, you can use a company like die cut stickers to fulfill your marketing goals. This is a great way to elevate your advertising, and if you’re wondering how you can benefit from sticker marketing, here are some top reasons to inspire you.

Beyond the Bumper.

Stickers can be applied in various ways and come in all shapes and sizes. Promotional stickers can be applied to laptops, water bottles, equipment, signs–essentially anywhere. They have evolved from the days of being big white stickers limited to cars, and they have multiple benefits due to their diverse nature.

Help Your Offline Marketing.

Today’s advertising efforts are generally online, but that doesn’t mean businesses should neglect alternative methods. Promotional stickers fill this void, and it’s refreshing to observe marketing that extends beyond social media. You could argue stickers were once an old-school form of social media, where people were “liking,” “tagging,” and “pinning” stickers long before the internet. When distributed properly, stickers offer low-cost exposure and are a fantastic version of word of mouth marketing, providing they’ve been designed interestingly. If you’re adopting a low-cost approach across multiple business functions, you can use telecom expense management in conjunction with sticker marketing.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing.

Recent studies prove that people trust word-of-mouth marketing significantly more than online promotions, and most word-of-mouth occurs offline. Stickers perfectly align with this suggestion, because they make great conversation-starters when people notice their friends wearing a company’s sticker.

Anti-Advertising / Personal Endorsements.

Advertising has shifted in recent years and is in a place which isn’t cost-effective, especially for small businesses. Marketing is usually conducted on permission and connection models, and these often have negative connotations attached. The power of stickers is that they don’t fit the bill, and often aren’t considered adverts at all. Stickers are recommendations in support of a specific message, and are powerful as personal endorsements.

An Engaging Gift.

Stickers are considered a “gift,” and despite being cheap to design, quality stickers have a higher perceived value than other forms of advertising. As a gift, stickers are more difficult to throw away, besides engaging the recipient more than usual advertising forms. Flyers are commonly thrown away, but if people receive a sticker they’re likely to think, “Where could I stick this?” “Whom could I give this to?” and eventually think, “I need to stop in there!”

Micro Marketing.

Stickers are succinct, and the process of designing a sticker can help clarify your marketing efforts. During the development stage, you’ll have an opportunity to assess your logo and advertising strategy, and consequently gain new ideas for branding..