Neon signs are making a comeback!

The business world is getting more competitive day by day. Given the age of consumerism, it has become difficult for many businesses to survive. There are more business associations than ever doing the same task, leading to increased levels of market saturation. Now more than ever there is a need to stand out amongst the competition to gain and retain more customers.

One of the ways in which businesses have been marketing, (especially those customers that require footfall) is using sign boards. Sign boards play an impactful role for businesses to promote their services, products and convey their message. Within the sign boards industry, there are several categories. Neon signs being one that has been around for a long time.

However, neon signs went off the radar a few years back. It started to become less popular in early 2001. Cheaper alternatives started to come round. LED lighting was one of the alternatives that captured the market and minds of businessmen. LED also consumes less energy which made it a better and more attractive option for many. This ultimately caused a decline in the usage of neon signs.

A comeback has been made

Neon signs have now re-entered the market and is starting to gain its popularity again. There are clear and obvious reasons behind it. Neon signs were and are still more attractive when it comes to aesthetics. When compared to conventional forms of sign boards, neon signs tend to stand out amongst all due to the appeal it offers.

Many restaurants and coffee bars have now replaced their sign boards with neon signs due to the popping glow it offers. This can have an effect on the revenue a business generates. A flashing “open” neon sign can be seen from quite a distance, almost enticing customers through the door. This aesthetic feature has made a clear comeback. In previous years there were some restrictions placed on neon lightings, these restrictions have now been removed.

One of the reasons why neon lights have been availed more by businesses is its longevity. Because of the neon gas, the neon sign remains working for a long time. It has a cyclical lifespan. Even in this current age, we can find a number of neon signs that have been around for many years. The uptrend in neon signs is once again prevalent.

There is a whole generation that had never experienced the coolness neon lights offer. This generation finds it to be attractive and visually appealing and they are leading the surge in increasing the popularity of neon signs. You only need to scroll through social media applications like Snapchat and Instagram and you will discover a whole heap of posts with neon lighting as its focus. Often adorned with motivational quotes, song lyrics or funky shapes

The bottom line

There are hundreds of kinds of sign boards out there. Each category has its own distinctiveness. However, neon signs have been considered as most attractive by a number of businesses and their customers. It creates an environment and feel that no other sign boards have the ability to do. This is the reason it has made a comeback in this age.