How to recognize an attractive office design

Because you deserve the charisma of your workplace

To find a perfect magnetism for your workplace is not an easy call, luckily there are certain aspects that can be assistive to find the perfect London Office Spaces in your desired place. While there are explosions of office design layouts covering entire London the smartest way to shortlist the most attractive design factors below

1.The Location Counts

To track down the perfect London Office Space one must be cautious of where the office is located. For instance, Shoreditch, in the East end of London is a prime hotspot for the central offices in London. The best offers are found in Great Suffolk Street

  • TOG – The Shard
  • Us&Co – Monument
  • WeWork – Mansion House
  • Landmark – Lombard Street EC3

Next in the suggestion list comes London Bridge, which is taken into consideration as the accommodation of workplaces has taken a higher ratio than that of the residential. This place will be an ideal attraction for the clients regarding their rising value as a corporate part of London. The places to consider would be –

  • Paris Garden
  • WeWork – Southbank
  • Connections – Trafalgar Square
  • WeWork – Southbank Central
  • Blackfriars Annex

There are a plethora of other such attractive locations which are specifically being developed as a corporate sector for the best London Office spaces need to be further researched by the concerns looking for their dream office space.

2.The office design must project an ‘Office Ambiance’

It is essential that the office space one is approaching gives out a workplace vibe for both its employees and the clients. It is a psychological reason that the better the office ambiance the more dedicated and inspired the employees to feel, which further reflects on their help to the clients which in the end is good for both the business and as a bonus the company receives positive client reviews.

3.The attributes of an attractive office design

Openness, transparency and the exact layout of an office design reinforces the ambiance of a workplace. Therefore, it is important that the office space delivers appropriate spacing for different teams and has the design that can be renovated according to the brand and values of the company. In addition, the office should deliver a quiet and focused environment where the department has its distinct placement so that the employees get to concentrate in their own respective areas.

4.Great space for the clients increases your office’s reputation

The aim of an attractive office not only includes employee satisfaction and ambiance but of course, it should offer a welcoming and comfortable ambiance for the clients as well. Imagine visiting an office where you have to stand throughout your entire wait for your required service or you have the luck to grab a sit till your wait however the room you have seated into is full of office junks or chaos.

The clients have to be treated with the best possible arrangements, though that does not mean attending them with a glass of wine to beautifully prepare a spacious waiting room for them with a nice comfortable couch, maybe a table in the front with magazines and newspaper. Thus, it is important that the office place offers a spacious waiting room for respected clients.

5.The ‘must have’ starter pack of an attractive office space

Attractive does not necessarily mean being the best-looking office of the town, the other side of the coin defines attractive by the privileges the workplace comes with. If the office offer complete personalization of any workplace can be decorated according to one’s taste. Unfortunately if the workplace comes with issues related to wiring, space, lighting problems and most importantly low ceiling problem for the tall employees and clients it’s going to be a hard time working in that office and not to forget the additional loss of the amount invested in the workplace.

In a positive note, if one tracks down London office spaces with the recommended aspects being followed they are definitely going to succeed in highlighting their team spirit being the lucky owner of an attractive London office space.