Double sided vs. Single sided outdoor Feather Flags: Which option to choose?

If you are aware of different business and promotional tactics, you must have heard about outdoor feather flags and how they are a massive selling point in advertisement campaigns. Outdoor flags are a popular way of attracting more attention and crowd towards your products, services, or any event that you’re hosting. Similar to any other form of advertisement, you will need to choose the right tool to succeed. In this case, the right tool would be choosing the type of flag for advertisement. There are many different types of flags to choose from with single sided and double sided ones used most prominently. Each one of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Single sided vs. double sided flags

Single sided flags are the type of flags printed on just one side with a reverse image on the back. The logo or text on the flag will still be readable/viewable from the back but it will be mirrored. This will work best on the flags having darker colors as they will bleed better onto the other side. If the colors are too light, they won’t bleed as well, so the back of your flag might appear faded.

Double sided flags, on the other hand, are actually two flags stitched together. This will allow both the front as well as the back of the flag to be vibrant and readable. When you’re designing a double sided flag, you can choose to have different designs on both sides or even use the same image on both sides. However, double sided feather flags cost slightly higher than single sided flags given the extra work that goes into their production.

Both the single sided and double sided outdoor feather flags are great for indoor and outdoor advertising. Double-sided outdoor feather flags are considered more popular for advertising as both the sides are noticeable and come with extra printed area.

Points to keep in mind when buying a single sided flag

· Single sided flags are commonly made because they are cheaper to produce and they don’t use as much material.

· Only one of the sides is printed and sewn making them a better option if you are on a low budget for outdoor feather flags.

· They are much lighter than double sided flags and they don’t need much wind to move them.

Points to keep in mind when buying a double sided flag

· Double sided flags are much more expensive than single sided ones as you need more color and material to print them.

· Their weight is twice as heavy as the single sided flags and they’ll require more wind to move them.

· The lifetime of these flags depends on the material used and the weather conditions to which they are exposed. Because of the heaviness of the fabric, the flags will flap less and will likely suffer less wear and tear as compared to the single sided flags.

· Double sided flags aren’t as common as single sided ones and therefore aren’t as cost effective.