AD: LET-LOK Tube Fitting — How it Works


The HAM-LET Group has been leading the market since 1950 with its first-class LET-LOK® brand of leak- leak-tight tube fittings for every type of system — still the most progressive and superior available today.

How Do LET-LOK® Fittings Work?

As far as ease-of-use and assembly are concerned, LET-LOK® connectors are game changers. Users simply insert the tube into the entire assembly until the tube bottoms-out against the fitting body. The mechanical force then created by rotating the nut clockwise drives the two ferrules forward between the fitting body and the nut. The back ferrule is pushed against the tapered rear of the front ferrule while the front ferrule is driven by force it into the tapered body’s mouth. The back ferrule is then radially swaged inwards on the tube while lifting the front ferrule out to form a complete seal on the tapered body surface. Lastly, the 11/4 and 3/4 turn (depending on the size) of the nut from the hand-tight position confirms perfect drive of all the sealing components. This provides additional reassurance that the seal can survive ultra-high vacuum and high-pressure settings.

What LET-LOK® Offers

LET-LOK® offers users a wide range of industrial-standard mechanisms. Thanks to front-line technology, these fittings can powerfully grip and seal tubing. Moreover, to compliment the different requirements of industrial applications, LET-LOK® fittings are offered in a variety of materials. They are also designed to function in high-pressure and severe situations.

Over the last 50 years, industry experts have devoted a huge amount of energy and time in the design and manufacture of these systems resulting in products geared to meet the fast-growing need for tubefittings that can endure high-pressure and vacuum high-performance environments, such as electronic, power, petrochemical, fluid, nuclear, and other crucial industrial scenarios.

Guaranteed Safety

HAM-LET considers safety as a crucial factor and every LET-LOK® connector endures, and passes, austere tolerance tests, including those for impulse, temperature, high-pressure, vibration, and vacuum. The fittings are created to meet demanding standards with ultramodern computerized automation. This means they have proven themselves strong enough to withstand all vigorous environments. Their exact geometry and mechanical advantage also enable them to offer a completely leak-tight solution.

HAM-LET provides customers with plentiful material and tips to help them select the right product for their application to guarantee supreme outcomes that are safe and secure. It is, for example, highly recommended to choose tubing with a greater wall thickness in the gas industry for improved safety and efficiency. It is not only important to choose connectors according to your requirements, but to install, work and preserve them appropriately. When choosing a LET-LOK® connector also take application details, material compatibility, and product ratings into consideration to ensure personal safety.

HAM-LET goes the extra mile to ensure client safety and satisfaction by backing its LET-LOK® products with a guarantee of the ultimate in quality-control and expert craftsmanship!