Understanding the Power of Visual Advertising

Millennials and members of Generation Z are very finicky when it comes to web content. Within seconds, they will abandon your site if you have no strategy whatsoever on capturing their attention. As a marketer, incorporating visual content is a great technique that can increase the audience’s willingness to read content. Focusing on compelling visuals is also a great solution to “banner blindness” — the online audience’s tendency to ignore ads subconsciously.

With visual content’s ability to convey information faster, you can easily make a strong case for your brand or ad before your audience chooses to leave. According to statistics, web content with images garners 94% more views than content with plain text. Videos, on the other hand, are seen by 51.9% of marketing professionals as the most efficient content as far as engagement and ROI are concerned.

However, visual content is not something that magically solves all your advertising problems by itself. There are also a few challenges that marketers must overcome.

Advertising for all platforms

This generation lives and breathes technology. Tablets, smartphones, laptops, desktops – users have plenty of options when it comes to media consumption. To maximize the exposure of your ads, you need to optimize your visual content for all platforms and provide a consistent experience to users. Avoid getting stuck or falling in love with a single publishing platform as it may prevent you from reaping the full benefits of your content.

It is worth noting that mobile devices have overtaken desktops when it comes to the volume of search users. According to Google, which is the undisputed king of search engines, more than half of online searches are now coming from mobile users. That is a company that handles 3.5 billion queries per day.

To capitalize the massive growth of the mobile industry, you need a strategy that deals with every cross-platform issue such as sizing, compatibility, and formatting. A primary solution is to implement responsive design with ads as well as landing pages to display web content correctly.

Promoting ads where it counts

When it comes to online marketing, it is not always about who attracts the most traffic. To accelerate success, you should also target those with strong commercial intent. Traffic with a dire need for information can also be turned into long-term subscribers to maintain brand awareness. Focus on building trust, and you will eventually convert them into paying customers.

One trending strategy that can help you attract the right traffic is to focus on long-tail keywords that are very specific to what you are trying to sell. This type of keywords opens up opportunities to enter a low-competition market with a reasonable amount of traffic – exactly what businesses need for quick growth. Lastly, you should also focus on “voice search” keywords, which are conversational and tailored for mobile users.

Choosing the right tools

If you believe going visual gets the job done, then you need an advertising platform like Sekindo. It is a comprehensive platform that’s specifically designed to help marketers with robust visual advertising. With Sekindo, you can augment your video, display, and mobile advertising efforts easily for any inventory.

Sekindo also has all the features you need for cross-platform advertising. Video advertisements, for example, are automatically scaled to fit mobile screens. This will ensure all your audience gets the same treatment and receive a genuinely engaging experience.

Lastly, with their proprietary technology, Sekindo provides your ad reach traffic with high commercial intent. This will help you attain a high conversion rate and avoid wasting ad dollars on random people. Since Sekindo is a part of Universal McCann, you can also tap into the network of more than 500 direct publishers for rapid growth.

“Today, people are both overwhelmed by the amount of content available and are also pressed for time to consume all of that content. This presents a particular challenge for marketers looking to share their message with important audiences,” said Oren Berdichevsky, Co-CEO of Sekindo. “Video content easily stands out and can quickly and effectively communicate the messages that are important to brands and marketers and our technology provides one, streamlined solution to achieve that.”