A Round-Up of The Best Recipe Apps for Pro Cooks and Cooking Beginners

We take our smartphones everywhere with us, so why not let them help in the kitchen? Whether you are a skilled cook or just a beginner who is learning how to boil eggs, the app market offers a wide range of free cooking apps for both Android and iOS devices. These apps contain recipes, instructions, meal plans, and everything you need to make cooking simple and fun!

1. MyGreatRecipes

With its method to keep the recipes organized in collections, this app is your no. 1 recipe manager on the cooking app market.

The app is equipped with a unique quality review algorithm that collects user data from social media, enabling it to suggest refined search groups and filter the recipes in different categories according to your preferences.

When you register a free account, you get access to a wide range of additional features, like creating a custom personal profile, like, or comment on a recipe, or follow chefs and bloggers to stay up-to-date with their creations. The best part is the step-by-step wizard which helps you create a new recipe from scratch and share on social media if you wish.

MyGreatRecipes keeps you inspired with news and trending recipes in the Newsfeed, as well as by sending you regular emails with popular recipes and collections.

Free App download – Android & iOS

2. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Allrecipes has a base of 30 million contributor cooks! This app creates a personalized feed based on what you like and save. The more you use it, the more it knows about your dietary needs and habits. It is perfect for saving money because its keeps track of which ingredients are on sale near you and suggests recipes the moment you enter certain stores.

With the apps updated design and the improved search options, you can easily save and share all the recipes you like or create with just a click, or show off your skills on social media.

3. Food Planner

With its advanced tools and options, this app will make cooking simple and organized.

Food Planner has a meal plan option that enables you to plan your daily meals quickly and efficiently, using a selection of recipes downloaded from your favorite blogs and recipe sites. If you are in a real rush, download one of the free and paid meal plans from the Food Planner Store function! You will find a variety of special occasion plans, as well as various diets and food regimes.

You can also add the ingredients you need in grocery lists, check inventory, pricing and more. The best part is that everything is synced across all your devices!

4. The Personal Diet

Nutrino’s platforms, The Personal Diet for Android and FoodPrint Diet for iOS, are exactly what you need to stay fit! These apps sync with other apps and devices to track your exercise programs, sleeping patterns, as well as the amount of water you consume daily, then suggest food plans and healthy recipes to suit your needs.

Whether you want to build some muscle mass, lose weight or just eat healthily, the app will come up with a personalized diet plan just for you! It will also take into consideration preferred cuisines and restrictions you might have (allergies, vegan, paleo, gluten-free, etc.) to further customize your diet plan.

5. Food Network

The Food Network in the Kitchen now has an app that makes all celebrity chefs’ recipes just a click away from you. The app helps you recreate any of the featured celebrity creations through high-quality, step-by-step videos. In addition, it contains cool tools and functions like grocery lists, cooking timer, unit converter, multiple cooking timers, and a section to take notes.