9 Ways to Persuade Customers to Try Your Service

Every business aims to create a loyal customer base, but to grow, you need to bring in new customers. It’s easy to get people to the point where they “think” about buying, but getting them to take the plunge and buy can be a challenge.

Here are nine simple ways to persuade customers to give your service a try.

1. Tell Them Exactly What Your Service Can Do

Don’t beat around the bush. Don’t be vague. Tell customers exactly what your service can do, how it works and what it entails.

You can present your services in a variety of ways – text, video and/or graphics. Just make sure that the information is easy to digest and in a user-friendly format.

2. Highlight the Benefits

People want to know how a product or service will benefit their lives. They don’t want to be presented with vague or abstract benefits either.

To win over customers, you need to tell them why they need your product and you need to be concrete about it. Be specific. Be detailed. Be thorough.

3. Present Testimonials and Case Studies

Explaining your services and highlighting their benefits can get a potential customer interested, but they’ll want to see proof of your claims.

Don’t make them search for reviews. Present testimonials from other customers. You can also highlight positive reviews from around the web.

Along with testimonials, you can also present case studies that demonstrate the benefits and results of your services.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate images and video into your testimonials and case study presentations.

4. Offer a Promotion

Potential customers are more likely to go through with a purchase if they receive a discount or something for free.

The rideshare company Lyft, for example, offers ride credits, discounts and special promo codes to new customers.

To get customers to try your service, you may offer a free trial or discount your service.

5. Be Transparent about Pricing

The last thing potential customers want is to be surprised by the cost of a service. Tell them how much your service costs, and be upfront and open about it from the start.

Make sure that there are no potential misunderstandings or hidden costs associated with your service. That’s the quickest way to lose a potential or current customer.

Tell customers everything that’s included with their purchase.

6. Demonstrate Your Knowledge

Customers want to do business with brands they know are reputable, experienced and knowledgeable.

Establish yourself as an authority in your field by educating your audience. Post informative blog posts, offer video tutorials, create interactive lessons, host podcasts and webinars, and create an FAQs page that answers important customer questions.

7. Make it Easy to Buy

If customers have to go to great lengths to learn more about your services and sign up for them, they’ll probably run to your competitors.

Make it as easy as possible for customers to find the information they need on your website and to actually sign up for your services.

8. Cut the Jargon

When explaining your services and its benefits, avoid using jargon that some customers may not understand. Keep it simple and use plain language.

And make sure that you understand the difference between a benefit and a feature.

  • This software encrypts data (feature)
  • This software keeps your data safe (benefit)

While these two statements are similar, one highlights a feature and the other highlights a benefit. Choose your words carefully. Don’t list features when you’re talking about benefits and vice versa.

9. Focus on Your Unique Points

What makes your business unique? Be specific. If your service improves productivity, explain how much it boosts productivity. If your service saves money, explain how much customers can save.

What are your unique benefits and selling points?

Customers want to know exactly how much they can benefit from your service. They want specifics. Vague benefits and features will only turn customers away or make it even more difficult to persuade them to buy.

Persuading customers to try your service can be a challenge. Presenting your unique benefits, using plain language, demonstrating your knowledge and presenting customer testimonials can go a long way in boosting your credibility and convincing potential customers to take the plunge.