Canadian Competition Bureau after Google’s Bacon

Yay for the usurpers of the north. Not cowed by Google’s success in thwarting the best efforts of the governments of the free world, Canada is going to look real hard whether Google is abusing its search monopoly. 

The US government has conceded that Google has a “search bias” meaning that it favors its own stuff in search results. The FTC was fine, but not the Competition Bureau of Canada. The CBC is convinced that Google controls search and may be violating laws in Canada pertaining to anti-competitive practices.

This includes:


  • Being the default search engine on various hardware and software products
  • Favoring its own services, such as Google News
  • AdWords restrictions on users moving their information to competitive platforms


In the main, this is primarily an investigation and an inquiry into Google Canada’s activities and practices. That’s nothing new for Google. They’ve been through it in the US, the UK, and Germany, to name 3 countries with more power than Canada who have tried to curb Google.

Here is the CBCs filing in full because we are lazy and know that there are a lot of words and things in there. More than we need to know having every faith that Google is all powerful and will kick Canada’s ass. This may signal the end of Celine Dion’s chances of ever being number 1 in Google searches for the word diva. Is it worth it, Canada?


Commissioner of-competition-v.-google-canada-corp from gesterling