Is the tech industry over dominated by men?

Advertising agency Lady Geek has blasted womens’ magazines for failing to cover tech and provide more information on gadgets and computers.

The tech industry is still dominated by men, usually men who don’t know their way around women, hence Lady Geek is trying shake things up with a few interesting campaigns and tech marketers could learn a few tricks from the up and coming agency. 

Just one percent of women think tech manufacturers have them in mind when designing products, yet the number of women involved in electronics purchases both at home and at work is skyrocketing. As many as four out of ten gadgets purchased in Britain are bought by women.

Women currently hold only 17 percent of tech jobs in the UK, although 30 percent of the best paid jobs for a woman are in tech.Luckily, big players have already identified the trend and companies like Dell, Microsoft, Nokia, Sony and Ubisoft are already working with Lady Geek to bring their products to women. 

Intel is conspicuously absent from the list, although Intel’s President Renee James is one of the highest ranking women in tech.

Lady Geek says it doesn’t want to feminise technology, it just wants to de-masculinise it. In other words, not every tech product needs to look like it was designed by a 9-year-old boy and named by Chuck Norris. Maybe then womens’ mags would be willing to pay more attention to tech, provided their target audience are real women, not Miley Cyrus wannabes. 

Source: TechEye