8 Apps Every Small Business Should Have in 2018 to Achieve Success

To succeed in this tough sphere of business, you need every edge, you can get over your competition. The use of applications is one method which you can use to make your business more efficient and increasing your chances of success. There are hundred of thousands of applications out there, and a small business owner like Abel Kalpi Nand Parsad might not have the time to scour through all of them or even have the technical knowledge to discern which is the best application. That is why we have prepared this list to provide guidance for a small business owner. The following are 7 apps every small business should have in 2018 to achieve success.

1. Hootsuite

One thing that is a challenge for all small businesses is a lack of market. You can increase your market share by using an application such as Hoosuite. Hootsuite enables business owners to market their business through social media platforms. This app can for example schedule posts, provide tips on content creation, provide statistics on your marketing campaign and you do all this from one place.

2.Proven Hiring

In the course of doing business, you might need to increase your manpower to handle increased responsibilities. Proven Hiring is an application that will ease the process of getting qualified staff. Some of the best features about this app include: ability to import job descriptions, pas as you go pricing, ability to categorize applicants and so much more.

3. Paypal

If your business operates online, you certainly need point of sale application for receiving payments. Paypal here enables your customers to pay for good and services faster and efficiently. Through this app, you can accept payment through credit and debit cards, send invoices and track due payments.


Expensify is an application that mainly helps business owners to keep track of all the expenses of that are incurred. Using this app, you can print receipts, scan them using your phone, make currency exchanges, get email notifications, connect the app to your bank among other functionalities.

5. Slack

Think of an application that enables a business owner to communicate faster and easily to his staff. Using Slack, users can create different channels for communication, share documents, filter conversations among other features. This application also allows for an unlimited number of users

6. QuickBooks

It is pivotal that a small business accounts for all their expenses and revenue. QuickBooks will help in just doing that but it also has many other additional features. The good news about this applications is that you do not need to have attended accounting classes to be able to use it. Using QuickBooks, you can send invoices, link to other related platforms such as PayPal, generate reports and all your activities are saved on a cloud for future reference.

7. Tripit

If you are a frequent traveler, the Tripit application will come in handy. This app will help travelers to keep all their travel arrangements in one place. You will also get additional information on other related things such as the weather, maps and much more.

8. VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables to connect their device through a remote network. A VPN is encrypted and is therefore essential for safeguarding your data which is important especially if you often use public WiFi. For a small business, using a VPN is one of the best investment you can make to secure your business. You can find both free and paid VPN services on the internet although the paid service is more recommendable.

These are the apps that a small business owner can use to improve their business. The good thing about such applications is you do not need big resources like a gaming laptop or an expensive gadget, you can easily manage them even on your phone.