Apple wants to trademark the word "Startup" in Australia

Rose Powell at Startup Smart in Australia reports that Apple has put in an application to trademark the word Startup.

A spokesperson from IP Australia, the body that administers Australia’s intellectual property rules, says if the application passes the examination phase, and isn’t successfully opposed, the term could become officially protected after seven-and-a-half months.

“It won’t be officially protected for at least seven and a half months. If it is accepted, there is a chance to oppose, although it is only a two month window from the date the application is accepted,” the spokesperson told StartupSmart.

Brian Goldberg, an intellectual property lawyer at Premier IP Ventures, told StartupSmart there was a possibility Apple may successfully pass the examination phase if they have used the term enough.

The original application was screen captured here by Startup Smart. 

Some day, this trademark and IP craziness has to stop before big companies with gobs of money, and unemployable lawyers, take over the world.