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Strathcom Media Doubles AdWords ROI for Dozens of Clients with Acquisio

Strathcom Media, a business dedicated to helping car dealerships with their online marketing pursuits, has made great strides towards providing greater value for their customers with the implementation of the Acquisio Bid & Budget Management system. Managing more than 1,000 dealerships across Canada, Strathcom has been able to double the amount of clicks they send to their clients, while maintaining a high impression share, and without exhausting daily budgets. The increase in value has come at no extra cost to their customers.


Strathcom Media Doubles AdWords ROI for Dozens of Clients with Acquisio

Acquisio’s Bid & Budget Management uses proprietary algorithms developed by Dr. Bryan Minor, Acquisio’s Chief Scientist. Utilizing a system that is updated every 30 minutes to account for any changes that are happening in the auction throughout the day, the system makes multiple decisions every second to allow marketers to spend their budgets effectively and with more overall control than ever before.

“Managing budgets over a large number of accounts, each of which have a separate budget for Search, Display, and Remarketing requires a great investment in time, and Acquisio’s Bid & Budget Management has allowed us to improve our own internal efficiencies, while delivering twice as many leads to our clients for the same investment,” said Liza Villatoro, Strathcom’s Director of Paid Search.

Since implementing Acquisio’s solution, Strathcom found an average budget variance of -0.20%, with no accounts holding a budget variance greater than -0.77% within 30 days. Bids are being accurately spread throughout the day, allowing their clients to get a far greater impression share. Based on the Bid & Budget Management targeting protocols, budgets are met with incredible accuracy. It is not necessary to pause accounts due to overspending, and budget exhaustion issues are non-existent.

“What we have done is given online marketers far greater control over their budgets, while, at the same time, freeing them from the burden of time that goes into constantly monitoring a large number of accounts,” said Tracy Smith, CMO at Acquisio. “The system seeks the targeted cost per click or cost per conversion, and is on a relentless search for ways to increase volume. It simply is not possible for humans to achieve results like the Bid & Budget Management system does, and we are incredibly excited to see the great value that those using the system are able to pass on to their clients.”

First launched in March 2013, Acquisio’s Bid & Budget Management system is being used by many different customers in a wide range of verticals with great success. More information and case studies on Acquisio’s Bid & Budget Management system can be found by clicking here.