7 PEO Services that Stand Out in Today’s Business Climate

Professional employer organizations (PEOs) are outsourcing firms that provide services to small or mid sized businesses. A PEO company helps a business with human resources, managing payroll, and other administration functions.

The industry of PEOs is growing, as more and more businesses are reaching out for help with their employee-related administration. PEO companies help businesses with HR-related tasks, such as human resource-related services, consulting, safety and risk mitigation, training and development, and workforce management.

How Does a PEO Work?

A PEO company subcontracts your employees through a co-employment agreement. A co-employment deal is a contract that shares employer responsibilities between your business and the PEO company. By sharing responsibilities, your business can leverage the help and services that the PEO company provides. Some items that the PEO company can help with are payroll administration, tax filing, and HR support.

If you are finding that employee-related administration is taking up the majority of your time, you might consider the help of a PEO service. Services like the Chamber of Commerce can help small or mid sized businesses with guidance to run a successful business. Listed below are seven PEO services that stand out in today’s business climate.

  1. Paychex

Paycheck is a large payroll, benefits administration, and HR provider. With Paychex, you have options to mix-and-match payroll packages, but also Paychex has two PEO services: a standard PEO services and PEO plus, which provides clients with full services hands-on HR support.

Clients of Paychex PEOs have access to HCM software, essential HR processes, record management, and talent management. The service center at Paychex is available 24/7 for clients with questions as well.    

  2. Oasis Outsourcing

Oasis Outsourcing has a more substantial offering of PEO services, such as risk management, benefits administration, payroll processing, and human resources. Oasis focuses on HR solutions, employee benefits, worker’s compensation, payroll administration, and growth strategy that make it a good fit for helping small businesses.

With Oasis Outsourcing co-employment agreement, you have full administration over your employees but can take advantage of the HR outsourcing, payroll, and employee benefits administration services that Oasis offers.

  3. Insperity

Insperity is a PEO service that provides small businesses with personalized coverage and comprehensive service options. With Insperity, companies have access to over 3,000 training resources and services, such as payroll processing, HR solution, benefits administration, and risk management.

Insperity offers extensive services for human resources, human capital management, workers compensation, employee onboarding, payroll, government compliance, and workforce optimization. With assistance from Insperity, your business can get help with overhauling various business processes and help with making your company run more efficiently.

  4. ADP TotalSource

ADP TotalSource has helped lots of businesses with their payroll and human capital management needs. ADP is known for its ability to help small businesses, and offer services in risk management, payroll, benefits administration, and HR outsourcing. ADP TotalSource is accredited by the IRS and Employer Services Assurance Corporation and has an excellent reputation for customer service, employee self-service, and HR services.

Clients of ADP TotalSource have access to a variety of technology that can streamline and automate your business processes, including the mobile app and employee self-service portals. With ADP TotalSource, businesses have access to a specialized consultant, HR experts, and more. You can add-on services, such as full-service recruitment and organizational development consultation, to your packages depending on your business needs.

  5. TriNet

TriNet is an excellent PEO service for small businesses because of its flexibility, and that it provides you with the ability to cancel services with a 30-day notice, and no long-term contracts. TriNet offers various services, including worker’s compensation, human resources support, payroll, employee benefits, employee onboarding, retirement plans, and 401 (k) options, and other benefit perks, such as commuter benefits.

TriNet has experts in general service areas, such as HR, payroll benefits, and compliance. TriNet’s payroll systems are user-friendly, with access to specialists for questions, and can handle payroll taxes to help with business’s needs.

  6. Justworks

Justworks is a PEO company that provides technology-first PEO solutions that focus on payroll, HR, and advances resources for HR and business needs. Justworks helps businesses create happy and healthy teams by handling business’s payroll, benefits, compliance, and HR so that business owners have more time to learn and grow their business.

Justworks is a growing company, that offers transparency, trust, and experts, to help simplify your payroll, benefits, HR, and compliance needs. Justworks can provide easy-to-use products for both yourself and your employees.

  7. Acadia HR

Acadia HR offers payroll administration and human resources outsourcing services for small and medium-sized companies throughout the United States. Acadia HR offers PEO packages that include payroll, payroll tax compliance, HR management services, state unemployment, workers compensation, and employee benefits. Acadia HR has helped small and medium-sized businesses manage. They are critical. Still, non-revenue producing functions to allow you to focus on efficiency and to grow your bottom line.

Acadia HR offers clients the unique advantage of providing multiple business models to meet the specific needs of their clients, such as customizing effective solutions for each client, depending on the business’s needs.

The Conclusion

PEO companies help small and medium-sized businesses with human resources, payroll administration, compliance, risk mitigation, and lots more. There is no boundary to the size of a business that PEO services will work with. Most PEO companies work with various companies in different industries, such as aviation, finance, real estate, retail, legal, construction, and health care.

Generally, businesses that need to utilize the help of the services of PEO companies are small businesses that have under 100 employees but usually between five and 50 employees. At this range of employees, a business can feel the burdens of administration, but they are not large enough to have their own human resources handle issues.

Trying to decide if a  PEO company is the right choice for your business can seem like a hard decision, but it doesn’t need to be. Still, if you are struggling with employees, and spending more time dealing with employee and administrative tasks, than on growing your business, then you should consider a PEO company.