Former AMD execs accused of stealing trade secrets

AMD has accused four former employees of stealing 100,000 confidential documents before jumping ship to work for Nvidia.

It’s filed a suit in Massachussetts alleging that former vice-president Robert Feldstein, along with managers Manoo Desai, Nicolas Kociuk and Richard Hagen, snaffled the files last year in order to steal trade secrets on AMD’s technology and customers.

“This is an extraordinary case of trade secret transfer/misappropriation and strategic employee solicitation. Thousands of AMD documents or electronic files have been taken from its facilities by employees leaving to work for its primary competitor in the graphics business, Nvidia Corporation,” reads the suit.

“Forensically-recovered data shows that it began when former AMD executive Defendant Feldstein left AMD in July 2012. He transferred sensitive AMD documents, and in the next six months the remaining three defendants wither did the same thing, violated ‘no solicitation of employees’ promises or both – all obvious violations of common law, statute and/or contracts with AMD.”

The four men worked at AMD’s facility in Boxborough, Massachusetts. Kociuk, says AMD, is soon to join Nvidia, while the other three have already made the move.

The documents concerned include material relating to technology under development at AMD, as well as licensing agreements with two customers and a policy document on licensing. Feldstein, the most senior of the four, had been working on games technology and AMD’s contracts with Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

District Judge Timothy S Hillman will hear AMD’s application for preliminary injunctive relief on January 28.