Samsung responds to Nexus ban overturn

Samsung has issued a formal response to a judge’s decision to overturn a ban on the Galaxy Nexus phone.

Yesterday, the US Court of Appeals sided with the mobile manufacturing giant, and reversed an earlier court’s decision to ban sales of the device in the US.

“Samsung welcomes this reversal by the Federal Circut as yesterday’s decision confirms that the role of patent law is to protect innovation and not to unreasonably stifle competition and restrict consumer choice. We will continue to take all appropriate measures to ensure the availability of our innovative products,” Samsung wrote in its statement.

This of course is all related to Apple’s massive patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung, which it won. This kind of massive legal matter almost never actually goes to court, and actually having the outcome go all the way to a jury verdict is practically unheard of.

That just goes to show how strong-willed both Samsung and Apple are. In the end, it was a major victory for Apple, and even though Samsung very much has a chance at getting an appeal, the judge in the case was very willing to go ahead and issue preliminary bans on Samsung products.

Also hanging in the background is a more than $1 billion monetary part of the judgment, which also won’t likely change hands until the legal avenues for appeal and further court appearances are completely exhausted.

It’s going to continue to be a whirlwind drama between the two companies. The two are still in the midst of numerous other lawsuits.