Box upgrades cloud upload speed

In an effort to better compete against its rivals, Box has upgraded the speed at which users can upload content to the cloud.In fact, the company says that file transfers now take place 10 times faster than before. The feature is called Box Accelerator, and it uses proprietary technology to reduce the strain on overloaded servers. It uses an algorithm to deliver file transfers from the least busy server, rather than the nearest one to users.

“We basically have the fastest cloud on the market,” said Box.

For a while, Box struggled to find its voice against the titan of cloud storage, Dropbox. It faced even more competition when much stronger brands like Google and Amazon entered the cloud storage arena.

So Box has decided to hone in on the niche of enterprise customers. It wants to be user-friendly to companies that may have dozens of employees accessing a single account, as opposed to the more individual user-focused platforms like Amazon Cloud Drive, Dropbox, and Google.

So far it is managing to hold its own. It’s because of innovations like Box Accelerator that has allowed Box to remain competitive in this space. Obviously, it is mainly advantageous to those enterprise users since they are most likely to be uploading bulk files on a regular basis.

However, the new feature will roll out to all users, and it will not result in increased fees.