Bruce Willis is not suing Apple

Sadly, reports of Bruce Willis wanting to take on Apple in court were completely fabricated.

The sensational story about Hollywood mega star Bruce Willis taking time out of his life to sue Apple over the right to transfer his iTunes library to his daughter has been proven to be nothing more than tabloid fodder.

Over the weekend, it was reported that Willis was so enraged with Apple’s terms of service and its inability to bequeath content to another individual that he planned to take the company to court over the issue.

It was then picked up by major news outlets and even became the subject of punchlines on late night talk shows as though it were a real story. However, on Twitter, Willis’s wife disputed the claims.

“It’s not a true story,” Emma Heming-Willis wrote in response to a Twitter user asking about the case.

Despite the lack of validity about the lawsuit, the story has sparked discussion about the fairness (or lack thereof) of Apple’s content platform.

Unlike competing services such as Amazon MP3, buying a song on iTunes comes with the inherent restriction that you cannot re-download it several times. In fact, you are only purchasing the ability to play it on your Apple devices.

In a world where users want to only pay once for something and have it available for them whenever they want, on any device they want through the cloud, users’ iTunes collections are laughably outdates and inaccessible.

Of course, Apple isn’t the only one with restrictions, but it is one of the strictest. This is a discussion and a debate that will continue for a long time, so don’t expect any radical changes just because of a bogus story about a sensationalistic lawsuit.