Digg founder joins Google

Digg this – the man who created Digg is now working for Google.

Entrepreneur Kevin Rose will become an official Googler after the search giant paid a reported $15 million to acquire Rose’s newest online venture, Milk.

It has been confirmed that most of Milk’s employees will become part of the Google family as part of the acquisition. However, some were let go under the terms of the deal.

Milk as it was known has been shut down, and all of the creative and technical assets will be re-purposed to be used within Google’s own products.

The purpose of acquiring Milk was for Google to help boost its social presence. The company’s emerging social network Google+ has gained decent traction, considering how difficult of a market it is to break into.

Interestingly, among the people on the Milk team who were laid off were the company’s technical engineers. Google was more interested in the design and product development team.

For Google, it doesn’t really need more technical knowhow. It needs to figure out how to create social products that people will use on a daily basis.

The company has even struggled with turning Youtube into a truly social platform. Instead, the video sharing site is just a destination for people to go to every once in a while to watch videos, but they don’t really interact with other users. Perhaps Rose and his team will be able to help in this area.

In a statement regarding the Google acquisition, Rose wrote, “I can’t wait to be a part of the amazing team that is shaping the future of the web.”