Mithos fantasy car has its curves in all the right places

Generally, when we write about cars on TG Daily, we’re discussing real vehicles that are likely to come to market at some point in the near future.

However, this particular car isn’t something we are likely to see driving around, for oh, say 100+ years or so. The design is interesting though, and it’s definitely cool to see the concepts engineers can come up with when they are free to design without being limited by constraints such as reality.


The futuristic car, which wouldn’t be out of place in a sci-fi novel or movie (think Tron), is dubbed Mithos and was designed by Tiago Miguel Inacio.

Apparently, the designer used the Batmobile from the Tim Burton films as a starting point for the design. While I don’t really see any Batmobile in the photos, I can discern some Bugatti Veyron in the front-end design. In any case, the car’s features are as fantastically envisioned as the external design with goodies like a 1.5Mw electric motor and a top speed of 247 mph – just for starters.

The designer specs include crash resistant, high fiber, body panels capable of recalling their shape and returning to “normal” in the event of an accident. Another far-out feature? “Quantum boost,” which allows the car to levitate on an envisioned electromagnetic freeway of future.

Personally, I figure the closest we’ll ever get to electromagnetic freeways and floating cars will be highways that are able to charge electric vehicles as they cruise to their destination – and I don’t exactly see that happening for many, many years.

The designer also envisions some a teleportation system of sorts he refers to as “Q-Teleportation” – which clearly isn’t happening in our lifetime. Neverthelesss, this is certainly a well-designed vehicle and I rather like it.

What do you think? If you change the wheels and put in a modern electric power plant or massive V12 gasoline engine, I can see this being a modern supercar without all of those far-out levitating and teleportation features.