BMW touts 2013 M6 convertible and coupe

BMW has released a number of new images showcasing its latest M model, the sleek 2013 M6.

The car will be offered in both coupe and convertible versions, with a controversial front-end design that has some auto enthusiasts (like myself) shaking their collective heads.

As you may recall, BMW kicked off its M6 lineup way back in 1983. The vehicle was produced until 1989, when it was discontinued – and subsequently resurrected in 2005. The venerable M6 went on hiatus again in mid-2010, but is back for more luxury goodness.

The M6 can definitely be categorized as one of the higher-end BMW models, with prices in 2010 starting at a cool $102,350 for the coupe and $108,150 for the convertible.

The coupe and convertible get the same engine and drivetrain, with both vehicles sharing a 4.4 L bi-turbo V8 engine producing 560 hp.

The engine also produces 500 LB-FT of torque and still manages to achieve fuel economy rating of 10 L/100 KM. The high horsepower and torque output means that the larger car can sprint from 0 to 100 kmh in just 4.2 seconds (coupe), while the convertible require only .1 second more for a 4.3 second romp.

The car is loaded with tech features,  including a specialized M 7-speed DSG transmission, an advanced DSC traction control system, and a next-gen active M differential to put all that power to the ground with less wheel spin.

Frankly, I think I’ll have to see one of these cars up close and personal or test drive one before I can decide if I like or not.

I personally don’t much care for the style of the front end in these photos and video; but admittedly, cars often do look better when you actually see them up close.