Apple reportedly gives big discounts to employees

If you work at Apple, your biggest perk is already the savings you get on a new Mac, and now that savings is getting even greater.

According to a report on, employees at the popular gadget company will get instant savings of $500 off any new Mac computer and $250 off a new iPad.

For a company that almost never offers a coupon, a sale, or any other way for normal consumers to pay anything but list price for its products (Apple even restricts third-party retailers from discounting its products), this is a pretty sweet deal.

The announcement reportedly came at a company town hall, and was handed down by none other than Apple CEO Tim Cook.

We haven’t heard anything about Apple having a dad employee retention rate, but the company did add a stipulation to prevent people from just getting a job, buying a cheap Mac, and then leaving (because jobs are that easy to come by). Employees must be at Apple for at least 90 days for the promotion to be valid.

In the rare chance that there does happen to be an Apple Store promotion, these savings still apply. Also, employees already get a 25% discount on new Macs, so with an additional $500 off, Apple is practically giving away its products to employees.

Then again, since Apple products are so expensive and the average Apple Store worker probably doesn’t even earn enough to afford any of the products they peddle all day long, this discount is a nice way to make its product line more accessible.