Steve Jobs biography might get an addendum

Perhaps following in the mold of Apple, biographer Walter Isaacson has hinted there might be a newer, better version of the Steve Jobs biography in the future.

According to a new article in Fortune, which spoke directly to Isaacson, there is already behind-the-scenes discussion about a new edition of the book.

Of course, since the book was actually completed and ready for the printers before Jobs’s death, there is nothing in the biography about the final moments of the man’s life – something that seems quite necessary for a book that chronicles the entire life of someone.

So one thing that is on the table is an addendum that would add more information about those final weeks, days, and hours.

Beyond that, there are also rumblings about a completely overhauled version of the current edition, one that would provide extensive annotations throughout the book.

Clearly, Isaacson wants to keep the Jobs biography fresh and interesting, and since it was the Apple co-founder’s death that was partially responsible to catapulting the book to untouchable best-seller status, having more details about the death itself would be a sure way to gain new attention.

When commenting about how well the current biography captures the life of Jobs, Isaacson was quoted as saying, “This is the first or second draft. It’s not the final draft.”