6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Gmail For Your Business

Having an e-mail account with the domain name of Hotmail, outlook even Yahoo mail does make you sound outdated these days. With G-Mail popularity rising to new levels it has become the favorite e-mail management application for most users. Aside from using Gmail for mail purposes now, you can organize all your business schedules, appointments, and contracts, seamlessly in Google doc, spreadsheet or PowerPoint.

This product of Google has provided us innumerable opportunities to expand our businesses. Today we will be helping you with some hacks through which you can make most out of this e-mail management tool.

1. Have Your Domain Hosted by Google

With people now preferring to have e-mail Id’s registered on their domain, Google has given the option to host these emails on Gmail. Meaning, you can have your e-mail Id for example, [email protected] and still receive emails on Gmail. This is a very small procedure which requires basic setting changes and a few steps. You can get all the power of Gmail for your own personal domain at a cost $50 per year. Amazing, isn’t it?

2. Use It to Organize Your Work

Gmail provides you option to create and manage folders according to clients or businesses you are dealing with. Utilize the labels feature of Gmail which does allow you to manage and create multiple folders where you will be receiving your emails. This is as simple as having multiple folders on your desktop for numerous clients. It even does have the option of nested labels where you can create folders within folders for maintaining and managing a sequential client mail list.

3. Learn About the Undo Feature.

Did it ever happen that you sent a message by mistake? Well, Gmail offers you a feature of undoing this action. A recent feature added to Gmail, the ‘unsend’ option needs to be enabled by going into Gmail settings. Therefore, whether you accidentally sent an e-mail and or sent an e-mail with some typos, with this feature enabled you to have all the time to withdraw the message back.

4. Learn About the Mute Feature

Are you sick and tired of a particular client or message you receive? Do you simply wish to not hear a particular message or offer? Well, then it is high time for you to know about the ‘mute’ feature of Gmail. This feature which is available on your main page allows you to select a thread similar to ‘WhatsApp’ and under ‘more’ tab is the option which would not clutter your inbox from such annoying messages. And if you finally sometime wish to speak to this client, then you can always ‘unmute’ and carry on the conversation.

5. Canned Responses Is Something You Should Know

A typical user wouldn’t know about it; however, Gmail labs has a number of advanced features which one should probably know of. Features such as ‘Canned’ message is present as a part of Gmail Labs however we believe should be a part of the main message. If you require sending same replies to multiple clients then we believe ‘canned messages’ might prove to be helpful. With this feature Google keeps track of replies you send to a particular type of client and when it detects a similar message in your inbox, it will provide you suggestions to select and reply in the same format thereby saving you time.

6. Learn About Shortcuts as Well

Similar to Windows your Gmail also does have multiple shortcuts to try. Being on any window you can simply press ‘?’ and Gmail help will show you the available shortcuts which you can try. This will make you navigate around a web page easily as well as smoothly without the need of excessive clicking and scrolling.

Learning these 6 smart tricks we believe you will be able to better work with Gmail as well as utilize it to its full potential.