6 Top Jobs in the Automotive Industry

Can you imagine a world without trucks, cars and other vehicles? It is kind of difficult to think about it when we have all become so dependent on them. These days, we rely on our vehicles for play, work and our regular life. Suffice it to say that the automotive industry plays a very important role in how the world operates and is a very essential part of the global economy. This huge niche comprises of the production, manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing and also maintenance of motor vehicles in different sizes and shapes. Therefore, there is no shortage of opportunities here and there are a lot of jobs available.

Listed below are the top jobs that you can find in the automotive industry if that’s where your interest lies:

Auto body technician

If you love tinkering with your car, then this job is the perfect option for you. An auto body technician is someone who is responsible for fixing customers’ cars efficiently and safely, whether it includes repairing suspensions, car frames, wheel alignments or more. No bachelor degree is required for this job, but employers give preference to candidates who have Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certification or something similar.

Automotive engineer

When designing cars, there are various considerations to be made such as style, safety and fuel efficiency. It is the job of automotive engineers to design new cars and aim at improving the current models. During the course of their job, these engineers have to face a number of challenges, which can depend on the requirement of the manufacturer such as designing a car that’s not only fast, but can also fulfill the fuel efficiency requirements set forth. If you want to become an automotive engineer, you will have to get a bachelor’s degree in a related field like mechanical engineering. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skill are also important as well as analytical and problem-solving skills.

Auto sales manager

We have all seen car dealerships and it is the auto sales managers who keep them running. From managing a sales team to forecasting and maintaining inventory levels, the job of an auto sales manager requires you to oversee moving parts and also assist the customers in finding the perfect vehicle for their needs. In order to land this job, you have to have a bachelor’s degree in business or management and also experience worth a couple of years in management or sales.

Vehicle inspector

If a vehicle is making weird noises or is simply not giving the performance it should, a vehicle inspector is called in to check it out. There are two primary questions that you will investigate as part of your job as a vehicle inspector. First, you have to determine if the car in question needs any repairs and secondly you have to determine what kind of repairs. Apart from making this diagnosis, vehicle inspectors may also be required to test drive the cars to ensure they have been fixed successfully and also perform inspections post-repair. This job requires on-the-job training and knowledge of car processes, parts, vehicle models and makes and also service standards.

Testing Engineer

A testing engineer mainly addresses theglobal customer projects’testing requirements. The person working in this area works in the areas of NEV(New Energy Vehicle) /Hybrids/EV’s (Vehicle Control Unit, Motor Control Unit, Battery Management System, On Board Charger and Fast Charging,Advanced Driver assistance system). They may also work on custom functional test fixtures for PCB testing, using certain test products. Such test products are manufactured by companies that specialize in test fixture kits, test probes, etc. For instance, Cortek Test Solutions is one of the largest manufacturers of such test products.

Automotive instructor

This job requires you to work in a shop/classroom environment and you have to teach students about topics such as transportation, engine repair and other information that pertains to careers in the automotive industry. This job is the ideal opportunity for you to share your passion for cars with others. You will have to have a bachelor’s degree and a teaching license may also be required to become an automotive instructor, especially if you work in public schools or colleges.