6 Tech Jobs to Consider to Avoid Becoming Redundant in 2018 and Beyond

No matter how amazing their education was, no one was prepared for the massive disruptions that everyone faced with the boom in information technology. Even more changes have taken place since the world went digital and it seems that we are straddling the past and future. A large number of professions and a wide variety of jobs were rendered redundant due to the changes brought forward by technology and the IoT (Internet of Things). With continued advancements, more and more jobs are being wiped out. Therefore, it is not surprising to know that a lot of people are worried about their future.

Obviously, you don’t want to suffer the same fate, but no one can put a stop to innovation. This is one of the top reasons that many people have opted to enroll in courses that can help them in enhancing and expanding their skillset. As information technology is the most popular sector these days and has a high number of jobs to offer, people are interested in specializing in this area. You can find some excellent courses at Itpacs.org that can help you in ensuring your future in the best possible way. Some of the best tech jobs that you can consider specializing in for not becoming redundant are:

Business intelligence analyst

Experience in data technology, reporting and analytics tool is required for business intelligence analysts because they need to be able to understand the needs of a business and then convey them to the stakeholders. This role is growing in importance because businesses need someone to harvest data and then make sense of it as it can help in decision making.

Data scientist

Sure, a business intelligence analyst is needed for understanding and communicating data patterns from the perspective of a business. But, this cannot happen without the role of a data scientist because these are the people that gather, process and then analyze data. Data scientists also have to have skills in communicating their finds and should be able to offer recommendations to the business about the actions that need to be taken.

Database developer

This job requires you to have problem-solving and analytical skills as they will be responsible for managing and developing data enterprise databases. However, you should bear in mind that you will require some experience in this field as well as a high level of education before being able to get a good job.

Security analyst

Amidst the constant reports of data breaches that we hear about and other security issues, it doesn’t come off as a surprise that there is a high demand for candidates in this area. There are numerous security companies and organizations that take a proactive approach in the detection, prevention and incident response and are also focused on training their employees for this purpose.

Network administrator

Handling software and hardware as well as LAN/WAN protocol falls under the job description of a network administrator. You will have to spend considerable time troubleshooting and will need to be on call in the case there is an emergency failure. As far as the experience you will need, it depends on the extensiveness of the network needs, but there are certain certifications and skills that can undoubtedly help you in this regard.

Help desk technician

For businesses that have to deal with customers, the help desk is an important element of an efficient operation. Help desk workers are the first line of defense for customer service and most people need soft skills and not a lot of technical expertise for this job.