New Galaxy Tab circumvents Apple ban

Samsung has made a few minor tweaks to its Galaxy Tab Android tablet so that it no longer violates the Apple patents that led to a ban in Germany.

Apple launched a worldwide cavalcade of lawsuits against the Galaxy Tab, arguing in part that Samsung’s product was a blatant rip-off of the iPad.

In some countries, including the US, the legal system hasn’t moved very swiftly in Apple’s favor. But in other countries, including Germany – the strongest economic power in Europe – it did succeed.

As such, the Galaxy Tab has been banned in Germany for months. But all Samsung needed to do was make a few adjustments under the hood and to the device presentation in order to clear out all the issues Apple had.

Samsung confirmed the new model was created “to reflect Apple’s claims.”

Among the changes that are noticeable to users are speakers that appear on the front of the tablet instead of the side, and a new silver bezel.

The new version of the Galaxy Tab will be called the Galaxy Tab 10.1N (the previous version was simply the Galaxy Tab 10.1). It’s unclear if Samsung plans to introduce the modified device in areas where the original hasn’t been banned.