TSA eyes Christmas present inspections

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will not be securing any holiday cheer this Christmas.

According to CBS Los Angeles, TSA officials recently began looking for individuals who may be trying to smuggle illegal items wrapped up like gifts onto airplanes.

The TSA issued an official warning notice after a traveler was caught trying to sneak marijuana wrapped as a gift past their checkpoints.


People apparently feel that there are items they can carry on with them if they look like a gift, but in actuality those items cannot be brought onto a passenger aircraft.


And if a shiny package happens to catch the TSA’s attention – for whatever reason – the agency will most likely invoke its authority to open and inspect those gifts.


Some sporting items like bats, bows and arrows and pool cues are not allowed on board unless they are checked with the authorities.


And of course it doesn’t matter what kind of bow they’re wrapped with, items like pocket knives and other weapons are also forbidden.


If you celebrate Christmas, Santa obviously won’t be the only one monitoring your gifts this year.