5 Ways to Spice Up Your Product Launch Using Social Media

Behind every successful product launch is a successful marketing campaign, and leveraging social media as a part of your marketing platform is not just a good idea, it is absolutely essential to your company’s and product’s success. Social media can be utilized in a variety of ways, including calls to action and invitations to actively engage with a company or vendor via social media channels. Whether your favorite platforms are Facebook and Twitter or Tumblr and Twitch, here are five ideas that will help you learn how to promote a product through social media.

Teaser Campaigns

Creating a teaser campaign is a great way to not only keep people guessing what you’re up to, but to generate excitement about what it could possibly be. You’ll have to play things very close to the chest, even when posting images. Try code-naming your product or project, use fuzzed-out images, and don’t reveal too much at once – see if people can guess. You could even run a contest to see who guesses and offer them a free product or sample if they guess right!

The trick with a teaser campaign is not to run it for too long, or people will become disinterested. The right amount of time varies depending on the company, product, and audience, but a couple of weeks or less is generally a desirable time frame.

“Coming Soon”

This should generally follow right on the heels of your teaser campaign. Post images and videos about your new product and, if you used beta testers, images of people using the product. Make sure to link to other relevant sites, such as where to buy it so people can bookmark or wishlist it, and cross-post as much as possible to various social media platforms.

Your “coming soon” campaign should generally run for one to two months, depending on the product – sometimes more or less time may be appropriate.

Instructional Blogs and Videos

Teaching people how to use your product – especially if it is a multi-functional product – can help your new product really give your audience the old razzle-dazzle. Demonstrating that your product is something people truly need or want will help make your product more successful, and so too will showing people that it is easy to use. You can make videos of yourself or your staff showing how to use the product, or even promo girls or models, especial if your product is a luxury item or a beauty and health care product. Includes an attractive model who is able to keep a person’s attention is a great idea.

If you do a blog over a video, make sure you utilize images to demonstrate your product’s usage – show, don’t tell!

Video Marketing

Video marketing works just like television advertising – and is just as, if not more, effective. Come up with a creative idea that really gets people interested in what you’re doing – making them laugh or creating suspense are both great methodologies. They’ll remember watching your video ad – and subsequently are more likely to remember your product and your company.

Work with your team to come up with the right approach to take depending on your company and product, and generate a script.

Do An Interview

Doing an interview via your blog or video channel is a great way to get people involved in the behind-the-scenes of your company or product. Helping people to know you – and what inspired you and your company to build the product you’re launching – helps them to feel more connected to what it is you do. The interview doesn’t have to be long – if you’re pressed for time, have someone on your team cook up perhaps ten or twelve questions to ask you and make a quick interview video on YouTube or Vimeo – and you can then transcribe the interview for your blog as well.

There are many methodologies available for a successful product launch, and you should explore as many as you can – but these creative product launch ideas are a great basis for a successful marketing campaign.

About the author: Yazi is a creative consultant and a web content writer for Cover Girl Promotional Models, an agency which provides clients with creative and comprehensive strategies for events, promotions and campaigns that deliver highly effective brand awareness. Connect to Yazi @yada_dadadada