5 Ways To Make Your Crowdfunding Campaign more Effective

During the last decade, crowdfunding has gained an extensive popularity. People throughout different corners of the world run a crowdfunding campaign to finance their wildest dreams, as well as to get money for some ordinary things. Crowdfunding is not a novice idea and is practised all over the Globe, especially in Western developed countries.

It turns out that it is not that easy to surprise the public with your ideas and new projects, unless it is extremely unique and pops out from the crowd. Crowdfunding platforms such Indiegogo, Youcaring, Kikcstarter have been created to serve for those who would like to attract people to their project and invest finances in it. But in order to make people willing to do that, first of all you need to ignite an interest towards your idea.

Here are 5 ways to make your crowdfunding campaign more effective.

Prepare a plan of your project

First and foremost, you need to have a complete overview of a project plan if you want to attract audience to have a look at it. The project plan should state what your project is about, what it is going to achieve and who or what the target is. A clear vision on what it is going to follow will help you define well-structured crowdfunding strategies. If you don’t have a clear outline of its goals and mission, people are less likely to trust you and invest finances into your project.

Create an eye-catching video

So now you already have a plan, it is the time to showcase it through a crowdfunding campaign. It has long been emphasized the importance of visual representation when trying to convince someone in something. Creating an eye-catching video to go along with your project plan in the campaign, will double the interest of the audience to have a look at your project.

As experience has shown, one video is worth a thousand words. But keep in mind: the video has to be a high-quality one; otherwise it might ruin the whole image of your campaign and leave the opposite effect.

Advertise/Share your campaign on Social Media

Carefully choose the Social Media that your project area fits in better. For instance, if it is connected to leisure or pastime, Facebook might be a good fit. But if your campaign is strictly business oriented, LinkedIn or Twitter may bring you more audience. However, there is no implicit answer on which of the Social Media platforms to select for a call of shout to financing the project.

It may be the case that your concept goes easily into the several types of Social Media. Whatever it is, make sure to put quality posts to attract and retain attention on your page.

Ignite an interest before you start the Crowdfunding campaign

Before you start the campaign, create an image for the future brand or product. With no money at all, you can create a Facebook business page or a free Blog to introduce the idea behind the project. This way you have the chance to meet online advocates of the idea who will be inspired to follow your vision. Once you have gained online popularity and gathered followers to your page, it will be easier to present your project to hundreds or thousands of people all at once.

Furthermore, this kind of tactic will help you build a better trust with your audience. By knowing that you already have an online presence for some time, the community will be more open to back your idea. For example, many bloggers start campaigns to raise funds only after they gained popularity on the web.

Communicate with your Audience on Campaign’s page

Post updates on the process of your campaign: for instance, how successful is it going, or what you have already done with what you gained; insert thank you notes if someone donated to your project. This is a sure way keep the audience involved. Even after your campaign to raise funds has ended, you may continue keeping in touch with your audience. Your backers will want to know more on how it goes after you have collected the necessary funds and whether their contributions made a positive influence on implementation of the unique idea.

Crowdfunding is certainly a vital tool to make your project dream come true. In line with that, you firstly need to believe in the beauty of your dream, invest as much energy as possible into the implementation process, stay tuned to the belief that it is going to work and never surrender. And finally, remember: authenticity is the key to any idea, be it a business or non-business one.