5 Ways to Help Protect Your Tech Startup From COVID-19

Since the beginning of the year, the coronavirus pandemic has swept the nation. While social distancing measures are still in place, more and more businesses are being allowed to reopen and operate.

If you’re a tech startup and run a land-based business, it’s vital that your office space is safe and secure for you and your team. So, with that in mind, here are five ways you can protect your startup from the coronavirus.

Communicate with Staff

No matter how many people you employ in your tech business, it’s vital that you keep communication lines open, which will keep your team in the know about how to stay safe when returning to work. Many employees will be concerned about their health and wellbeing and may worry about the risks attached with being around others. It’s your job to take precautionary measures in the office to ensure that social distancing is adhered to, so creating a plan and outlining your strategy in keeping employees safe is crucial. 

Disinfect Surfaces

In the office environment, there are many surfaces that your employees may touch on a day to day basis. Whether it’s door handles, light switches, or computer equipment, it’s important that you disinfect surfaces on a frequent basis. There are other strategies that you can take, such as installing motion lights in the bathroom and kitchen, adding motion sensors to your bathroom fixtures, as well as removing the handles from doors so they can swing open both ways without the need to use hands.

Encourage Hand Washing

There are a number of office supplies that you can purchase for your tech startup that will add an extra layer of protection in keeping employees safe from coronavirus. Purchasing and placing hand sanitizer products around the office will remind your team to regularly wash their hands, which will reduce the risk of contracting coronavirus. You can visit OfficeCrave.com to purchase hand sanitizers that kill 99% of germs.

Embrace Technology

If you’re able to, investing in personal laptops, phones and tablets for your team will dramatically decrease the risk of coronavirus in the workplace. Letting employees use their own devices will ensure that they are not sharing computers and keyboards. 

Choose Easy to Clean Furniture

If you’re a new parent, you will understand how important it is to invest in home furniture that’s easy to clean. When it comes to creating a safe office environment, you should follow the same thought process. Also make sure that you hire environmentally friendly cleaning crews to clean and disinfect your office at the end of each day. Doing so will give you reassurance that you’re doing everything possible to keep your team safe.

As a startup owner, it’s vital that you put your employee’s health and safety first. As more and more people are being allowed to return to work, you need to ensure that your office space is hazard free and safe to work in. All the tips listed above can go a long way in keeping employees protected and minimizing the risk of contracting coronavirus.