5 Tips to Grow Your Amazon Business into A Successful One

The burgeoning e-commerce sector has attracted many retailers as well as wholesalers to shift their businesses online. According to a report published in TechCrunch, there are now more than 2 million sellers on Amazon- world’s most popular e-commerce store. Amongst these sellers, there are a few who earn less than thousand dollars a month, while there are others who make as much as $400K per month through this online business.

If you belong to the first category of individuals, who are not satisfied with their Amazon business, then here are a few which will help you make turn your business into a successful venture.

1. Understand Your Market

Selling a Santa Claus dress during the month of May, or Halloween costumes during New Year’s Eve probably wouldn’t get you many customers. The reason? Because they are not in demand. To make your business successful you require finding the right opportunities to market your product. If there is someone else selling the same product on Amazon, then read the review to find the issues customers face. Each of this will give you a good idea of what your customers actually need and whether they need it now or not.

2. Know About Your Product

If you wish for the customers to love your product, then you should be the one loving it first. Only if you have the confidence to pitch the product you have in your hand will you be giving hundred percent for its sale. Know the strengths of your product as well as its weaknesses. If possible try to make weaknesses into strength or remove the weakness part overall. Also hire staff for sales with the same passion as yours, as then, everybody will be working in one direction of overall product sale and organization growth.

3. If You Can Try and Build Your Website

If you truly wish to scale up your business then a website becomes a necessity. With Amazon, you wouldn’t be able to track and keep a record of customer data, though you can find about the incoming traffic. However, a website helps customers purchase your product as they have your website acting as a face of your business which they can trust. Once you get hold of customer’s information particularly e-mail you can start sending them newsletters and or regular updates with regards to ongoing offers or any special discount.

4. Try to Leverage Paid Marketing

Sales of any product are always driven by the quality of marketing you do. However, in the field of e-commerce, you simply cannot bring more audiences to your seller page because SEO of Amazon isn’t in your hands. What you can however do is run Facebook paid campaigns which will drive conversation among consumers who eventually will search for your product on these e-commerce stores. Some of the paid marketing campaigns you can utilize are:

1. Try Image 1/ Image 2 splitting technique (which is also kind of popular on Instagram) to see what kind of products to your audiences want.

2. Try gathering customer information as it will help you understand the product which is bringing maximum customers.

There are other ways of marketing which any marketing professional can guide you or you can yourself learn from the web.

5. Try and Work on Your Best Seller Rank

Amazon has its bestseller ranking which according to experts is calculated through your recent sales along with historic sales. As a seller you may not be focusing much on this part, however, trust us it is an important metrics to expand your Amazon business. Try outranking or outselling your competition because 2 million sellers sure is a competition you cannot survive by sitting and waiting. To improve your rank try answering customer questions, paying attention to reviews your get and offering them solutions to any problems they face. If you aren’t able to outrank your competition try entering and selling a different line of product.

So, these 5 tips we believe should be enough to help you push your business from a few thousand dollars to a couple million bucks. Should you have any more questions with regards to this, please feel free to ask them in the comment section below.