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Electricity is vital when it comes to a commercial building. Electricity must ‘feed’ a lot of appliances like heating, lighting, air conditioning and any other electronics. Most importantly, it must properly function! But you can always count on a good commercial electrician to solve any issues. How can you find the best one? Here are 5 tips on finding and hiring the best electrical contractor.

1. Check for Credentials

Does the commercial electrician have qualification for the job? Make sure that the electrical contractor has a license and insurance and ask them the license number. You can personally check it, because it insurance will be vital in protecting your property from liability in case of errors or accidents that might happen while the contractor is working for you.

Hiring a licensed contractor will ensure you that their work is up to code, legally done and safe for the property, employees or costumers.

2. Look for Reviews

Do some online research on the commercial contractor you want to hire and check for reviews. Previous clients will provide an idea of the services they have received and you will know what to expect from their services.

That is the best place where you can also contact those clients and ask for references and see if the services they received were of good quality.

3. Ask Other Clients About the Service

Before hiring the electrical contractor, ask them about similar jobs that they have done. If they’ve encountered a similar issue, they will be able to finish the job faster and perhaps have lower costs.

Being a reliable contractor is what makes them professionals. Those that are established know it’s important to maintain their reputation. And you can easily find out if their service is professional by asking previous clients. The contractor should have a list with past customers that can answer your call and provide you with some information.

A professional and reputable electrician should have a big portfolio of clients that can vouch for their good services.

4. Communication is the Key

It’s very important to see how fast the contractor responds to phone calls or emails. This will be a hint to how communication will develop while they’re going to work for you.

A professional electrician should provide you a list with the interventions needed in your commercial building, the materials they will use, how much time will the labor take and the costs. Adding a user-friendly language will be a plus and will not leave room for unpleasant surprises.

5. Ask Others for Recommendations

It’s important to have some references from people and double-check the services you’re about to hire. The best way of doing it is to ask other business owners, clients or property managers if they have worked with a good electrician. This way, you will save time and find an experienced electrical contractor.

Other things you might need to consider are the following:

Ask for a time estimate, because a good electrician should know when he’s able to start the work and finish it. He should tell you an estimate of costs and ask for payment after the job, so you can be sure that the services are according to your needs and satisfaction.

It’s also best to find a company that provides a large range of services, because a commercial building might encounter different problems that are best to be solved by a single electrical contractor.