5 Surprisingly Low Budget Advertising Ideas for a Company

So, you’ve got a pretty strict budget, but you still want to do some awesome marketing initiatives in order to bring in some more business. And you may have searched around for a while and nothing really fits what you’re looking for.

Well, the good news is that we’ve created this handy list of some of the most low-budget advertising ideas for your company. If you try out these, they’re sure to keep your budget intact and bring in some more customers for your product or service.

From search engine optimization to social media marketing, the big wide world of marketing can be pretty overwhelming at times. Read on to get some ideas of how you can simplify things and make your marketing campaigns incredible.

1. Television Interviews

Do something cool with your business lately? You can check with local TV stations or even some more regional or national stations to see how you can get an interview on television. This takes a bit more work as it’s not so cut and dry with each station. However, the payoff could definitely be huge if you end up on live TV and talking about your product or service.

And yes, people still do watch TV!

2. Newspaper Advertising

Think about getting enough advertisements in newspapers. This might seem like a thing of the past, but there’s sure to be a good number of people you’ll reach who still get physical newspapers. Plus, it’s pretty affordable if you get an ad out in a local or regional newspaper.

It’s pretty easy! Just make a list of the newspapers in your area and contact a representative from them to check about what their pricing scale is for advertisements.

3. Social Media Advertising

You may think about social media advertising as something that’s going to take a big chunk out of your budget, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Facebook and Instagram have incredibly sophisticated paid advertising techniques available for any business out there and a good social media agency can help you get great results in a budget.

Plus, you’ll be able to specify what kinds of people you want your advertisement to be shown to. Are you only selling your product in LA? You can specify that your ad only be shown to those social media users in LA. You can also get involved in other social media platforms like Pinterest and LinkedIn for a low price or free!

4. 15 to 30 Second Radio Ads

Depending on the size of the radio station, getting ads to be played during commercials can be incredibly affordable for businesses of any size. You just need to check in with the radio station and see what the process looks like in order to get the name of your business and a quick blurb spoken about it.

Tons of people still listen to the radio while doing work around the house or on the way home from work. You’ll be able to reach a good-sized audience for not much money at all!

5. Posters around Town

You may think that physical posters are dying in the wake of the digital marketing revolution, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Tons of people still look around town at the various posters that people put up at bus stations or metro stops. This is a fantastic way to just get people looking at your name and beginning to recognize what you have to offer.

Plus, the budget for this kind of thing is pretty low. You’ll just need the time and effort necessary to go around town and pin up hundreds of posters. But once you’re done, the payoff could be huge!

Do you feel the money staying in your pocket yet? Your budget is going to be pretty intact after you put all of these marketing ideas in place. Plus, the payoff is going to be huge once your customers start flowing in! Try them out and see how they work. There’s no use in not trying!