5 Solid Marketing Tips for 21st Century Businesses

As we have reached 15 years into the 21st century, we all know that older marketing strategies are getting obsolete as more and more consumers develop a resistance to them. Marketing strategies are similar to cures for certain infections and bacteria. But as time progresses strains of bacteria can grow resistant to the cures and can infect people with various diseases. In a similar manner, people grow resistant to the various marketing strategies and stop falling prey to marketing schemes and offers. Hence, it it’s the duty for the marketing personnel to keep evolving according to the changing mentality of the potential buyers and make sure their marketing strategies appear fresh to the public. We all know that most of the old world marketing practices and techniques have been over used and most customers have stopped being attracted by them. Here are 5 tips that would help you market your product or services in a 21st century businesses.

1. Spending Adequate Time On Product Development

The most important part of a business is to develop a product that is superior and provides the users with never before seen features. When apple developed their iconic products like the iPhone and the iPad, they showed the world how proper time spent in developing a product pays in the long run. Whenever thinking of designing a product, make sure you try to come up with something that exceeds the customer’s expectations. 99% of the products fail to please the customer not because they were poorly marketed but because of their poor quality.

2. Innovation Is The Key To Moving Forward

The key to staying in the game is to keep on evolving and innovating. When you launch a unique product or service you must also keep in mind that most competitors are already studying, copying and putting their own unique additions to your design. Hence, your product becomes obsolete the moment it hits the commercial market. The only way to stay in the game is to constantly innovating your technology or design so that it always stays above your competitors.

3. Don’t Try To Sell Your Product To The Customer

There is one thing that the customers hate is when someone tries to sell them something that they don’t need. All the old techniques of door to door selling have become obsolete and the people tend to run from sellers. The best strategy to follow is to create a need for a particular product by hiring an inbound marketing agency in a way that the customer automatically feels the need for your product. When planning a marketing strategy, the need to sell the product to a customer should be on the least priority.

4. Cross Sell Your Products

To think of a business around a onetime transaction or single interaction with the customer is certainly going to be a short lived one. Usually the customers like to buy an extra product which compliment or enhances the original purchase. Offer the customer a variety of products which are both essential for the customer to enjoy an additional benefit. While it sounds like an intelligent strategy, sadly most marketing professionals and businessmen tend to completely ignore and curb their own profit making opportunities.

5. Test Everything

While, testing ensures that your strategies won’t end in disaster, they also allow you to try new things and provide a freedom of ideas. As the tests are done in a risk free environment there is always something new that you can try. We must all remember that it is through failures that we identify the major loopholes in the plan and testing something beforehand simply exposes the various loopholes and weak areas of a particular business plan.

These are just a few basis business strategies to help you market your products or services in this day when customers think a lot before buying. Hiring a marketing agency is a great way to deal with your marketing needs and help you understand and manage the way how your product or service is being marketed to the consumers.