5 Reasons Why Calls Are Important for Your Business

In this era of digitization, every business is trying to go digital as much as they possibly can. Companies are shifting every process starting from customer on boarding to product sale online, leaving little or no physical communication between customers or merchants by any means. According to this report around 80 percent of companies have planned to invest their funds towards digitization. While going digital is good, is it the best option? Do companies no longer telecommunication for marketing? Guess what, they actually do.

Today we list 5 top reasons why we believe that calls are important for any business to grow.

1. It is more about quality leads than quantity

While there is no argument that a business can generate plenty of leads online however with the change in economies as well as improved business models now it is more about quality than quantity. In order to grow any business aside from customer information, you require understanding a customer’s mind, which is quite difficult to perceive from a simple online survey form. In order to learn about customer issue or the solutions which may work you require talking to them and engage them in conversation. Only after understanding the customer’s problems will you be able to understand the market problems and thereby come up with a product which would be a success.

2. Helps in Efficient Marketing

This point which can be considered as an extension to the above point and it helps you understand how verbal conversations can help businesses with their marketing. For example you make now make cheap international calls to USA and engage in verbal conversations to get hold of customer’s problems. Targeting these problems in your marketing campaign you can generate a ‘want’ for your product which people will go for. This way instead of spending money on multiple campaigns you can invest in a single consumer-issue-targeted one.

3. Helps Improving Customer Experiences

Having dedicated phone lines for your brand does help customers reach out easily to you. They think of you as a trustworthy brand provided you will be immediately available in case they face any issue. E-mail, SMS aren’t considered to be of much help in situations where there is an immediate demand for action. Also, such calls help you monitor the customer behavior and hence get insights about what the customer prefers and what he doesn’t. In times where ‘customer is the king’, getting insights into their behavior and improving their experience is what helps business become successful.

4. A Phone Ringing is an opportunity for you to earn

In this era of digitization if a customer is calling you it most probably is a lead which may turn into profit. People don’t call businesses in order to find information about the organization or to know the features your product offers; this information is already available on your website. They will only call if there is some issue with the product you have sold, or they wish to learn more about the company they are entering into business with. According to a report published by BIA/Kelsey, inbound calls account for 61% of excellent leads which usually convert into profits. This number is around 9 percent less for web searches.

5. Helps You Get Your Sales Strategy Straight

After cheap international calls to the USA and other parts of the world have been made possible, most organization hires employees to talk to these foreign customers. This call helps these organizations realize what keywords in such conversations, what strategy of sale is working. This way you can work on your sales script and therefore ensure that you are able to answer as well as address any question or problem the consumer has. This will not only allow you to generate better sales but will serve as a training module for the future sales representatives.

Reading these 5 reasons we believe you realize the importance of phone calls for any business. So if you don’t have an established number yet, it is time to get one installed right now.