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5 Marketing Strategies to Grow Brand Awareness

Creating and maintaining good brand awareness is essential for businesses in every industry. For start-ups it can help attract your first customers, while for SMEs and other companies it can be useful for growing your existing client or customer base. There are all sorts of innovative methods for growing brand awareness, using both modern technology and other strategies. These are five of the most effective marketing strategies to employ.

Optimise Your Website

Every business requires a website. In order to boost brand awareness and reach others in your target audience, optimising your website appropriately offers a good solution. Using keywords, title tags and meta data can be a simple way to do so, targeting words and phrases relevant to your business. Think about changing the design of your website to improve the conversion rate optimisation as well.

Boost Social Media Presence

After a website, social media accounts are another vital tool for every business. This can be one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your brand presence as they can be set up and used for free. Or for a quicker and wider-reaching strategy the likes of Facebook Ads can be paid for. Research and decide which platforms are best for your brand and create a regular plan for posting to engage with followers.

Leaflet Distribution

Offline, physical marketing strategies such as Leafletdrop distribution can be effective. Unlike with online adverts, people are more likely to leave leaflets lying around, come back to them and as long as it’s well-designed and eye-catching, really grab their attention. Ensure you deliver leaflets only in areas where you wish to improve brand awareness and where your target audience are based.


A competition can create instant interest in your brand from people who may have otherwise never heard of it. Social media offers a great promotional platform, especially with the ability to increase your number of followers if they can only enter by following your page. A prize is required, along with a clear plan and KPIs for measurement.


Sponsoring an event, sports team or product will improve visibility for your brand along with creating new networking opportunities. Whatever it is that you decide to sponsor, it should be something relevant to your business and target market. There are tools out there to help match all sorts of companies with good sponsorship opportunities.

These five tips should help businesses within any industry to start growing their brand awareness, whether starting small or looking for a big opportunity.