4 Reasons Why You’ll Love Connecting Your MacBook to Your TV

You can connect your MacBook to any size TV with a special cord. It’s a simple process that involves linking the MacBook’s Thunderbolt port or HDMI port with the input port on the TV. Both of these output ports on the MacBook will allow you to play audio through the TV as well. A third port, the Mini DisplayPort, plays audio with a certain type of cable or adapter.

But why would you even want to connect your MacBook to your TV? As it turns out, there are several advantages to connecting a big screen with a powerful laptop.

Turn Any TV Into a Smart TV

If you rarely watch TV and work on your MacBook at the same time, using your laptop for entertainment makes sense. But eventually you may get tired of looking at a small screen, or you may wish you could watch a movie with surround-sound capabilities.

By connecting your MacBook to your TV, you get the best of both worlds: a large screen for watching your favorite movies and shows, whether on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube, etc. Streaming services represent a major draw for smart TVs, but this simple trick turns any TV into a smart TV.

Note that If you do already have a smart TV, you may be able to link screens wirelessly. Read through the TV’s owner manual to determine if this option is available and how to set it up.

Easily Give Presentations Without a Projector

Let’s say you need to give an important presentation at work or at a conference. Maybe there’s no projector whatsoever, or the projector keeps encountering a technical error. Instead of panicking, you can pull out your TV adapter cord and turn to the TV on the wall in order to give your presentation.

Simply Enjoy a Larger Screen

Whether looking at photographs or documents, sometimes a large screen comes in handy for seeing details or the big picture. After all, Apple’s desktops are equipped with large monitors for this purpose. If you often work in split-screen mode but still feel like your MacBook screen is cramped, try connecting your MacBook to your TV for easier viewing. Text and images that looked too small on your laptop screen may look more organized on the big screen. There’s no reason to sell your MacBook Pro for a desktop: connecting your MacBook and TV lets you enjoy the perks of a laptop together with the advantages of a desktop-sized screen when needed.

Play Games with the Entire Family

As the popularity of gaming channels on YouTube indicates, sometimes watching someone play a game can be just as fun as being in charge of the controls. Let family game night rise to a new level by playing computer games on the big screen. For single player games, use a battery powered mouse to let everyone easily take turns playing.

Now that you know some of the possibilities, have fun with your new “big screen computer.”