4 Important Tips for Personalizing Your Temporary Office Space

While you normally operate your business out of the home, circumstances dictate that you relocate for a week or so. Perhaps a client is coming to visit and wants to meet at your office. Maybe you are having some work done around the house and need a quiet place to take care of business tasks. Whatever the reason, temporary office space is the answer. To make the place feel more like your own, here are a few tips that will add personal touches.

Bring Along a Potted Plant

It’s not unusual for a coworking space to come with all the basics. That includes a business phone, Internet connection, desk, chair, and one or two desk chairs. There may even be some type of artwork on the walls. What the space lacks is personalization.

One quick way to add a personal touch is to bring along a potted plant or two. Greenery helps to make the environment seem less sterile and introduces a little personality into the room. Go with a smaller plant to grace the desk, and maybe one more to place elsewhere in the office. Even this one change will help the office to seem more inviting.

Framed Photographs Help Too

A few photographs will also add as personal touch to your short-term office space. If there is a credenza or maybe a set of shelves in the space, arrange the framed photos there. Remember that along with the photographs, other framed objects can be included in an arrangement on shelf or two. That includes any framed certificates or awards that tell something about your business, personal hobbies, or other information that a visitor might find interesting.

An Easel for the Corner

You don’t plan on renting a meeting room when your client visits, but it would be nice to have something handy to do an impromptu presentation. An easel with a large artist’s sketchbook will be a great choice. You could also accessorize the easel with a whiteboard. Make sure you use markers that are designed for dry eraser boards if you go with the latter option.

While this touch is low- tech, it’s also handy to use on the spur of the moment. There is nothing to load and nothing that has to be turned on. You can quickly get out of your chair, go over to the easel and begin creating an outline, make a list, or write out whatever happens to relate to the conversation.

A Business Card Holder Complete With Your Nameplate

While you don’t want to clutter the desk in your virtual office, investing in a simple business card holder that sports a nameplate is a nice touch. It can be placed so it faces away from you and toward anyone who is sitting in the guest chairs. You never know when your client will decide to reach over and take a card to pass along to someone else in his or her business circle.

Since you are only renting the space for a short time, you want to keep the accessories at a minimum. Ideally, everything you bring in should fit easily in the back seat of your vehicle. That will ensure the space is personalized and function during your stay, and that you only need a short time to gather up your belongings and leave on the last day of the rental.