3 Surprising Stocks That May Yield Big Earnings

In a world with millions of investment openings and countless data points collected every hour, it’s no surprise that some opportunities are easy to overlook. Consider these three stocks that look to offer outstanding investment opportunities that either aren’t well-known or have exhibited a recent change in their trend.

Marijuana Stocks

Image via Flickr by Dank Depot

As of September 2018, marijuana use is legal in some capacity in 29 states. This has opened the door for thousands of new enterprises in this industry, from dispensaries to manufacturers of marijuana production equipment to business and legal consultants with an expertise in this field. So, there are lots of companies to invest in.

What makes these stocks attractive, though, is the fact that the industry is relatively new and has the potential for explosive growth, especially in states like Massachusetts where the sale of marijuana has only been legal since January 2018. More states will likely follow this trend, and there’s even the chance for federal legalization, similar to the change recently announced in Canada.

Note that this industry, in particular, is changing rapidly — by the time you’ve reached the end of this paragraph, good opportunities may have turned bad while new chances are opening up. To find the best marijuana stocks and check whether it’s still a good time to invest in a particular company, you should review:

  • The business’s leadership and investment strategy.
  • Its recent and long-term performance.
  • How future regulations may impact the industry and this company’s potential for growth.
  • Financial history recorded through line graphs and candlestick charts.

Sports Betting Stocks

Much like the marijuana boom, recent regulatory changes have opened the door for companies to grow through the offering of sports betting services. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act was declared unconstitutional in a 2018 supreme court hearing, so individual states can now regulate and tax sports betting.

Several states have introduced betting legislation in light of these changes. Some of the newest areas to add regulations include New Jersey, Mississippi, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. Look for startups and expanding businesses to capitalize on this industry now that the federal ban on sports betting has been lifted.


Alphabet is a holding company that has recently received attention as a fantastic investment opportunity. This is largely because of its financial strength. The majority of its revenue comes from advertising, and the company has a strategy in place to maintain success in this area.

Among the many other reasons to invest in Alphabet, the company reported 22.8 percent year over year growth in 2017. There’s also the potential for long-term growth. However, you need to check factors such as valuation and recent performance before committing to any stock — but especially one from a company that’s performing well and has excellent potential, like Alphabet.

Good investment opportunities can come and go quickly. While these stocks are hot now, things could change. Remember to study how to accurately read chart data and keep in mind the specifics of a certain industry and how regulations and developments could greatly change your prospects.