3 Reasons Why Businesses Should Call a Professional When Plumbing Problems Start

Businesses, especially small mom and pop operations, are often reluctant to call in a professional to help fix their plumbing problems. A few chemicals here, tightening there or a product at a home improvement store may prolong the need for a repair.

And while this may be an economic necessity in some circumstances, it’s often a bad choice not to call in a professional.

There are a lot of reasons to call in a professional to get the job done:

1. Tax Advantages

Professional service providers are costly, and while these professionals will save you money in the long-run, there are also immediate savings to enjoy. Repair and maintenance can be deducted on your Schedule C form.

You’ll want to move your way down to Line 21 and claim the deductions under repairs and maintenance.

The Line number may change, but small businesses will always be able to write-off these costs. You’ll also be promoting a local small business in the process, helping to offer an economic boost to your local economy.

Taking advantage of these tax benefits is key to lowering your yearly tax burden.

A good accountant will help you maximize these tax benefits so that you pay less to the government come tax season.

Keep in mind that even if you don’t hire a professional to come in and do the job, you’ll still be able to reduce your taxes if you do the job yourself. You can deduct the parts purchased to make the repair as well as the tools, as long as the repair was a business necessity.

You can even deduct expenses for toilet paper or soap.

2. Plumbing is a Major Issue

If your plumbing is not working properly, it’s a major issue. There’s no getting around it as a business. If your bathrooms are overflowing because of a clog or you can’t flush the toilet, you’ll need a professional to repair the problem.

Most businesses cannot operate under these conditions.

And there are also long-term risks of letting plumbing issues get out of control. A leaky pipe today can quickly turn into a pipe that bursts in the future. You don’t want to have a small issue, that can easily be taken care of by a professional turn into a several thousand-dollar job.

It’s not fun.

You’ll also need to consider the scope of the job.

A lot of business owners are go-getters; they like getting their hands dirty and doing jobs that others often offload to a professional. It’s an admirable trait, and it can save these individuals a lot of money in the process.

But if the job is too complicated or not completed properly, you also need to assess the risks.

  • Will the job be more costly in the future?
  • Will the problem escalate into a more costly expense?
  • Will the issue impact your business?

Businesses will also find the benefit of a routine maintenance schedule to be in their favor.

3. Maintenance Schedules Reduce Major Issues

If you’re new to business, it’s hard to justify additional expenses. Hiring someone to come in to perform routine maintenance may seem like a waste of money for a cash-strapped business. It’s an oversight when everything is going well.

But when things happen to spiral out of control, a business will pay more for repairs.

A proper maintenance schedule is key to keeping your plumbing system operating properly.

“A plumbing tune up is essential and an effective way to keep the functionality of the system of plumb lines in check,” states Miranda Plumbing and A/C.

Leaky faucets, clogged lines, low pressure and drips are all signs that your plumbing system isn’t operating at its full potential. A professional can come in and correct these issues during a routine, scheduled maintenance.

You’ll be able to:

  • Fix small problems before they escalate
  • Write-off the expenses associated with maintenance
  • Reduce the risk of major issues in the future

Getting on a regular maintenance schedule will prolong your plumbing system and allow for lower long-term costs, too.

Calling up a professional to work on your plumbing, electric, A/C or make repairs in your business is often a smart choice. You’ll get the job done right the first time and won’t have to worry about a small repair turning into a costly expense in the future.