How can you start going paperless for under $300?

Have you ever estimated how much money you spend on paper, ink and electricity printing and reprinting documents? And on top of those costs you have to take into account the costs of maintaining your printers and other equipment.

An even higher cost is the cost of your staff’s time!  Consider a 10 second electronic search to retrieve a record verses a staffer’s time pouring through hard copies of the data.

When you consider that most businesses spend $.05 mono/page and $.15 color/page, 3,000 printed pages will have a hard cost of around $350; and much higher soft-costs in lost time.

We know that going paperless could save you hundreds of dollars in the long run but how much will it cost you up front?

The good news is that you can start eliminating those printer costs by going paperless and it will cost less than $300! That’s right. You can get a refurbished Fujitsu S510 Color Scanner from The Other Guys for under $300. They are easy to use, efficient and best of all, they are inexpensive.

Give one a try. The only thing you have to lose are all those stacks of paper.